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Posted on May 22, 2009

Benefits for Adwords Agencies

Benefits for Adwords Agencies
Posted on May 22, 2009

Sales 101 for an Adwords Agency

Google allows an Adwords Agency to acquire new customers on behalf of advertisers through: a) timely & targeted advertising; b) based on bids set by the seller; and c) resulting in measurable results.  In this way, Google Adwords serves as an “Accountable Advertising Platform.”

Adwords Advertising Reach

You can distribute ads in real-time on a potentially massive scale! Awords Agencies and Advertisers choose where and when their ads appear.  According to Google, each month 84% of users in the US view Adwords ads.

Google is the number 1 search engine, with 4.4 billion daily page views, 706 million monthly visitors, and thousands of online publishers.

Adwords Advertising Relevance

Achieve precisely targeted ads with Adwords. An agency or Advertiser displays their ads only to prospects looking for their goods and services on the Google Search Network, the Google Content Network, and via Local Business Ads on Google Maps.

Return on Ad Spending for Adwords Advertising

You’ll be able to receive accountable and measurable advertising results. Google’s pay per click or pay per impression advertising system allows an Advertiser to control ad prices and targeted audience to enabling an Advertiser to pay the optimal price for qualified leads.

Search advertising serves ads when people are seeking a particular item or service, and for this reason is proven to result in a lower acquisition cost per new customer or lead.  Google estimates that the average acquisition cost for search is $8.50, as compared to an acquisition cost of $20 for Yellow Page ads and $70 for direct mail ads.

Whether the purpose of ads are to build awareness, generate leads, or generate sales, the Adwords platform allows an advertiser to measure performance in a manner which is generally not possible with more traditional forms of advertising.

Control & Measure

The Adwords platform allows an Advertiser to control:

  1. Cost per click
  2. Daily Ad Spending
  3. Ad targeting
  4. Marketing Messaging

The Adwords platform also allows an Advertiser to track conversions and determine a precise Return on Ad Spending.

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