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Posted on December 20, 2021

Case Study – Google Ads Strategy for Products

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
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Case Study – Google Ads Strategy for Products Feature Image
Case Study – Google Ads Strategy for Products
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on December 20, 2021

Where does one begin to sell products online through Google Shopping?

Setting up a Google Ads account for an eCommerce company is a formidable challenge for the average marketer.

For one, there are a myriad of advertising options in the Googleverse, such as Shopping campaigns, search campaigns, video campaigns, app campaigns, and more.

Companies that choose to market their products on Google themselves often face a steep learning curve and monetary consequences for underperforming campaigns.

This is why Denver PPC partnered with an eCommerce company to help them build out their Google Ads accounts and begin optimizing their campaigns, greatly improving their ROAS rating, conversions, clicks, impressions, and lowering their cost per conversion.

Let’s give a brief background on our client’s company, their products, and the steps we took to set up and optimize their Google Ads for products.

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Background on the eCommerce Company and their Products

Our client produces BBQ food prep accessories. The owner was previously only advertising on Facebook and hired Denver PPC to build out their Google Ads presence.

We ended up building out a Google Shopping campaign, two Google search campaigns, a Google Display campaign, and a YouTube campaign. 

How the Project Started

Our client came to us seeking help generating Google Ads for products, looking to sell more BBQ accessories online, and getting expert help optimizing their campaigns.

Built and Optimized the Google Shopping Feed

To sell products on Google’s Shopping lists, marketers must first create their Google Merchant Center account.

The Google Merchant Center is an online platform dashboard that lets business managers add, update, and make any changes to their online product listings.

Inside the dashboard, businesses can upload production information, such as pictures, prices, and product descriptions.

Once the Google Merchant Center has been created, businesses can create shopping “Feeds” so they can begin uploading their products and product information into their account to be shown as ads. 

A “Feed” is more or less whichever method you choose to upload your product information. Google allows businesses multiple ways to enter this important information, such as:

  • Integrating with eCommerce platforms and Product Management Tools
  • Uploading a spreadsheet
  • Adding products directly to Merchant Center 

To further optimize the product listings, we focused on gathering high-quality images and highlighting important product details using rich keywords. We further added other important attributes such as strong brand names, size, color, age groups, genders, and other visual details to help the products get seen in more searches.

Built and Optimized the Google Search Campaign

While we typically think of Google Search ads as being distinctly separate from Google Shopping campaigns, the two can function together to promote online sales.

For our client, we also built a Google Search campaign to advertise their products outside of Google’s Shopping tab. This involved creating text and photo-based ads for our client’s products on Google’s search engine results page that would redirect users to the online store page.

The first step was keyword planning, looking at our client’s competitors and the competitive landscape to find the right keywords that would generate enough relevant traffic to our client’s store website.

After our team compiled the list of appropriate keywords, they made further refinements and optimizations to the campaign by adding negative keywords and pausing underperforming ads.

Built a Tangential Search Campaign

Tangential content is any content that’s not directly related to the product being sold but is often related to it somehow. The purpose of creating tangential content is to cast a wider net so that when somebody searches for something that’s vaguely related to the product you’re selling, they’ll see your ad or content.

An example of tangential content could be:

  • An automotive company blogging about famous road trips or highway tours
  • A swimsuit company blogging about the importance of using sunscreen
  • A mortgage company blogging about how to repair a home

For our client, we created search ads and content that were related to them. The intention was that their content could generate a higher amount of impressions and be seen by more people, even if they weren’t necessarily searching for the exact product.

How to Build a Campaign that Matches Searcher Intent

They say search intent is the “why” behind people’s Google searches. 

Is your audience trying to research a product, or are they ready to buy it right away? Matching your keywords to the searcher’s intent is the greatest way to improve your Cost Per Action rate.

There are many kinds of search intent, with the following three being the most common:

Navigational – Instead of typing in the URL of the website they want to visit, many people will just type in the website into Google. For example, Googling “Gmail” instead of going to

Transactional – These are people looking for specific products to purchase, and this is where we put most of our attention. For example, “small bicycles for sale.”

Informational – These are the common Google searches that ask simple questions to receive answers, such as “how to ride a bike.”

We further optimized our campaign’s keywords by adding close variants with our existing keywords to reach more people using the same keywords.

Built Display and YouTube Campaigns

Products tend to sell well when shown visually, either in a picture-based Display ad or in a YouTube video ad.

To help drive brand awareness and revenue, we created attractive and eye-catching visual ads that were shown on the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is a series of over 2 million websites that sync with Google Ads to display ads in banners on the sidebar of websites.

In addition, we created YouTube campaigns that would show our client’s video ads before or during related videos to both create awareness and drive demand for our client’s products.

Analyzing the Results (Month over Month)

By partnering with Denver PPC’s account managers, our client saw a massive improvement to their overall marketing goals.

Google Adwords marketing metrics
Google Adwords campaigns chart

Overall, our client’s Google campaign was a great success:

  • We were able to significantly improve the clicks for our client’s ads, almost doubling from 4,742 to 7,016. 
  • Impressions and CTR both improved. 
  • Conversions tripled from 231 to 614. 
  • Cost per conversion also drastically dropped
  • Total Conversion Value and ROAS both significantly improved.
  • 1100 view-through conversions were recorded.

Work with Denver PPC to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaigns

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