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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772

Google Ads

Drive more leads for your business with Denver PPC’s professional Google Ads management.

We partner with local, national and franchise clients to maximize website traffic, generate more leads, and close more sales. You know your business, we know Google Ads. Together, we can strategically optimize your PPC campaigns to improve your Return on Ad Spend.

Whether you are just starting out, or if you currently have a Google Ads campaign running, give us a call. We manage over 125 Google Ads accounts across a variety of industries. We focus on lead generation and have found great success with online retailers.

How We Do It

Partner with our Clients

We learn your business. What are your most profitable business categories? Who are your customers? What gets them to convert? Who are your competitors and what is their digital strategy?

Create Effective & Efficient Campaigns

Based on information we gather from our clients and their websites, we craft properly structured campaigns including high priority keywords, engaging ad copy, proper geo targeting as well as bidding strategies that maximize your campaign’s success. We also ensure your conversion tracking is setup properly.

Active Management

Effectively managing a Google Ads campaign is not a “set it and forget it” scenario. Google is very good at spending your money, and we are here to make sure it is spent wisely. We continually optimize campaigns though monitoring the search query report, adding new converting keywords, pausing poor performing keywords, adding negative keywords, creating bid adjustments, and other techniques to optimize your campaign to drive the right business.

Communication & Reporting

We provide monthly performance reports detailing your key campaign metrics as well as an optimization report. You will know exactly how your campaigns are running, how many leads have been generated as well as insights into our strategy and upcoming optimizations.

Additional Support

  • Website Conversion Optimization
  • Phone tracking
  • Landing Page Creation
  • CRM Integration
  • Google Analytics Support

Choose Denver PPC for your Google Ads management, we won’t let you down. Our Certified team is knowledgeable, friendly and US Based. We offer affordable pricing without long-term contracts.

We would love to chat, give us a call or fill out our form today!