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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772

White Label PPC Management Services

We provide white label PPC management services to ad agencies, SEO agencies, and design studios. If you’re looking to offer the immediate lead generation and revenue results of Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads traffic, then Denver PPC can help.

Enlist our PPC experts and offer your clients a broad range of digital marketing services. White label SEM services are one of the easiest service offerings to outsource entirely. We work behind the scenes – doing the technical work and analysis – and you get all the credit for growing your clients’ businesses.

Some of the benefits of using Denver PPC’s White Label PPC management:

  • Low cost – Affordable fixed fees or low percentage of spend depending on the size of the account
  • Monthly reports – Detailed reports which include a summary of performance and recommendations to improve the account
  • No contract – All our contracts are month-to-month
  • Team of PPC Specialists – All our account managers have a minimum of two years of experience managing a variety of campaigns
  • Experience – All of our PPC managers are Google Ads certified

Low-cost White Label Fees

We are currently working with two different models, depending on the size of the account we manage.  A flat $295 monthly management fee or a percentage of ad spend (whichever is greater). 

We can also custom quote existing accounts to offer a price that works for both our companies. For clients with a monthly spend over $3500, we charge a percentage of spend. For large accounts spending over $40,000, we will put together a custom quote. For law firm PPC campaigns, ask us about our discounted campaign set up fees!

Our management fees are as low as some available bidding software, yet you do not need to have the overhead of an employee managing the software.   In tough times when companies need to run lean to compete, we can offer full-service PPC management for you.

Monthly Reports

We create monthly reports for you and your clients, helping you stay informed on precisely what’s happening in each account. We even white label the report with your logo.  Please take a look at some of our sample PPC reports.

No Contracts

Because we are confident that we can successfully manage just about any account, we do not require any long term contracts.  Our contracts are month-to-month, with the fees being payable at the beginning of the month for the coming month. If you want to cancel our services, just let us know, and we will not charge your card ever again.  If you decide to come back, just call us – we are always happy to hear from past customers!

Team of Experienced and Certified PPC Specialists

We employ and manage a full team of PPC account managers (all Google Ads Certified).  We require them to keep their certification current and attend regular webinars to stay up to date with all the quick changes in our industry.

In addition to our account specialists and managers being certified, our managing director, who actively supervises account performance, holds an MBA, has over 12 year’s experience with PPC management, is overly analytical, and understands what it is like to own and operate a business!

We Can Help Expand Your Offerings with White Label PPC Services

If your company is struggling to manage Google Ads and Microsoft Ads client accounts internally, then consider partnering with us as a means of upgrading your client services. Typically we work in a back-office capacity. This means we bill you (not the clients) and prepare our reports on your company’s letterhead. Your clients need never know that we do the work for you.

Are you ready to add or improve your PPC management services?

White Label PPC Management is one of the easiest ways to grow your agency. Give us a call at 303-975-2819 for a quote on one or more client PPC projects.

References are available upon request.

Working with Denver PPC for White Label PPC Management

Many agencies don’t offer PPC management services because of the complexity and expertise needed to run these campaigns. However, driving high intent Google Ads and Facebook Ads traffic and lead conversions is one of the fastest ways to grow your clients and generate immediate results for your clients.

White label PPC management services offer you the best of both worlds – no additional hires and overhead, but an additional highly profitable and high impact agency service.

We’re a Top PPC Outsourcing Agency

Agencies outsource their pay per click management services to Denver PPC as a means of adding or upgrading the quality of PPC management services to their client engagements. Outsourcing allows you to retain a share of the PPC fees without having to staff PPC expertise. In most cases, you’ll generate a more significant profit margin than developing PPC management skills and capabilities in-house.

Denver PPC is one of the leading US-based PPC outsourcing companies in the US. We are a Google Ads Qualified Company, and we presently provide white label PPC services to several different advertising, SEO, and design agencies.

You Get Wholesale Prices for PPC Outsourcing

Choosing Denver PPC as your PPC outsourcing partner, and you get access to wholesale pricing. We generally provide a separate quote on each PPC assignment. But, our typical net fees for outsourced PPC management are as follows:

  • $350 setup or refactoring fee (when required)
  • $295 or 8% of advertising spend (whichever is greater) per month advertising account management fee.  

Alternative Ways to Get Paid When Denver PPC Manages Your Ads

  • We Buy SEM Accounts – This option involves cooperation from your client(s) and certain contract stipulations, including non-solicitation and retention provisions.  You would inform your clients that you are transferring your PPC contracts’ rights and obligations to Denver PPC. Once the clients accept the terms, you would be paid for the deals in installments and permanently forfeit all other rights to these PPC accounts.
  • We Pay Commissions on Referrals – We pay commissions for referrals equaling 20% of initial fees and 10% of recurring fees.  If you can win a contract, we can service it and pay you residuals.

You Define How We Work Our White Label PPC Engagement

How do we work together and serve your client during a white label PPC management engagement? 

Generally, white-label means whatever you want it to mean.

As long as you have your customer service representatives manage the relationships with your advertisers, your clients don’t have to be advised that their PPC account management is being outsourced.

Even our custom PPC reports are prepared on your letterhead; we prepare them for you and forward them to the client each month.

Many advertisers (your clients) never speak to anyone at Denver PPC. You coordinate and control the communications with your client.

Other white label clients like having their Denver PPC expert interact and represent your agency during specific strategic and tactical discussions. 

We present ourselves as an affiliated company specializing in PPC management and strategy for other white label clients.

As you can see, you define the terms of our white label relationship – how we work with you and your client. 

Sample White Label PPC Reports

Our custom reports provide monthly evidence, for your clients, of the thoughtful process in which we apply our experience, expertise, and knowledge as PPC and Facebook Ads Managers.  You hire a PPC expert with the expectation that they will continuously try and improve account performance.  Doing this requires in-depth analysis, and our custom recommendation reports document our tailored approach to managing your pay per click and Facebook Ad accounts.

Don’t merely settle for auto-generated, cookie-cutter reports!  If you aren’t receiving custom recommendation reports, then please contact us.  We’ll show you why PPC reporting matters.

Our monthly, custom recommendation reports provide you and your clients, transparency into what we are doing within the accounts we are managing.  You will receive these custom recommendations every month, so it can provide additional talking points should you have a monthly meeting with your advertisers.

Getting Started – Outsource PPC Management to Us!

The first step to managing one of your live accounts is to perform a free 10-point PPC account review

We would discuss our findings and strategy for managing the account. Then, typically, we would work the account on a test basis alongside your account manager or in-house PPC manager. This isn’t free–our standard fees will apply, but your commitment for such a test will only be a single month, and you get to see up close and personal how we will manage your client PPC accounts. 

Once the test period is over, you’ll link your MCC to our MCC, if you happen to have one, and we’ll manage whatever accounts you hire us to work on your behalf.

Are you ready to consider outsourcing your PPC management? Or, maybe you just have some questions about how this might work? 

Give us a call today at 303-975-2810. We love talking about PPC!

Guaranteed Search Engine Marketing Upgrade

Denver PPC has the experience, proven process, and professional discipline to consistently move the needle on your PPC marketing campaigns. 

And, we’re willing to back it up with our PPC performance guarantee.