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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772

PPC Case Studies

These PPC case studies document Denver PPC’s successes, research findings, and key insights from years of experience running performance marketing campaigns in some of the most competitive marketplaces, for services and products.

Whether you’re looking for DIY PPC marketing advice or just want to evaluate how we might approach improving your PPC campaigns, enjoy reading some of our best PPC marketing insights.

If you have any questions about our PPC Case Studies, please contact us today! We are happy to discuss or process and see if we can help you out.

PPC Case Study – Google Ads Strategy for Products

Google ads case study

We partnered with an eCommerce company to help them build out their Google Ads accounts and begin optimizing their campaigns, greatly improving their ROAS rating, conversions, clicks, impressions, and lowering their cost per conversion.

PPC Case Study – Google Shopping Ads for eCommerce Strategy

ecommerce case study

We wanted to improve one of our eCommerce client’s return on ad spend (ROAS), conversions, total conversion value, and click-through rate (CTR). In this case study we provide information about the company, its products, and how we improved its key metrics to increase revenue in a competitive online landscape.

Case Study: Optimizing Branded Term Strategy for Ecommerce Success

marketing data on laptop screen

We were tasked with enhancing the online visibility and sales performance of an ecommerce client specializing in men’s luxury boots through their Google Ads campaign. This case study explores the year-over-year (YoY) performance impact of adjusting ad spend strategies between broad and exact match for branded terms.