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White Label PPC Management Services

White Label PPC Management for Agencies

White label PPC is one of the most popular ways to outsource a portion of your digital marketing production.  As we all know, managing white label Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads can be complex and confusing especially for new digital marketing agencies.  Even if you are a seasoned agency, you may not want to put in the time and effort to make sure your clients are getting the best bang for their advertising dollars.  

Denver PPC’s white label PPC program can take PPC management off your plate so you can focus on scaling your business and driving more profit.  It can be nerve-wracking handing off your PPC accounts, but rest assured Denver PPC has your back.  We have been in business for over 15 years, we are a Google Premier Partner, 100% of our PPC managers are Google Certified and based in the United States, we don’t have long-term contracts, and our pricing allows for a high-profit margin.  

How We Deliver Value to Your Agency:

  • 100% U.S. Based White Label PPC Agency
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • White Label Performance Reporting
  • Customized Monthly Recommendations & Analysis
  • Landing Pages & Call Tracking
  • No Contracts

What is a White Label PPC Agency?

A white label PPC agency is a highly specialized PPC company that manages PPC accounts on behalf of other SEO Companies, Ad Agencies, Web Design companies, or any company that offers PPC Management Services.   As a white label PPC agency, Denver PPC manages each pay per click account in the background while your company handles all client-facing responsibilities.  We will provide your agency with branded monthly reports as well as a monthly analysis of each account.  These reports and analyses have proven to be very helpful in retaining PPC clients as they give the end client confidence that “you” (actually us) are working to continually optimize their PPC campaigns.  If a client has any questions regarding their campaign that you can’t answer, we generally tell agencies to say “that is a good question, I’ll get with our PPC team and get back to you”.  Think of us as your backend PPC Team.  

Why Do Agencies Outsource PPC?  

Agencies generally outsource their PPC management because their core competencies are either in SEO, Web Design, or Social Media.  Another advantage of outsourcing PPC is that you get an entire team vs. a single employee working on your clients’ PPC accounts.  Do you really want to go through the hiring process just to find out that person isn’t exactly what you are looking for?  What if they quit 3 months down the road.  Single in-house PPC managers can work well, but it’s not a perfect solution.  At Denver PPC, we manage PPC every day, all day.  We know what we are doing and we know what works.  If we have an issue with an account, we bring it to one of our other team members for help.  Or, if it requires getting Google involved, we have our own Google Representatives that we reach out to directly.  Many times, this has gotten clients out of jams they otherwise would still be struggling with.  All in all, managing Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads can be difficult and time-consuming.  Let us handle the PPC and you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Is your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account fully optimized and effective? ROAS is a useful metric for understanding the amount of revenue made based on every dollar spent in advertising.

Benefits of Hiring a White Label PPC Agency

The benefits of hiring (the right) PPC Agency are pretty great.  The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to worry about managing the accounts yourself.  Or, if you work at, or own a large agency, you don’t have to worry about hiring and firing PPC managers.  You can send over as many accounts as you’d like and have the confidence they are being managed properly.  Many times agencies will just “wing it” and hope for the best.  By hiring a professional white label PPC agency, your “winging it” days are over.  

Ability to Scale:  The ability to scale quickly is another benefit of working with a white label PPC agency.  Bring on the accounts, we can handle them.  Because we manage PPC accounts all the time, we are pretty efficient.  

Cost Effectiveness:  Cost-effectiveness is a wonderful benefit of outsourcing your PPC management.  You will be given a cost for each account, and you will know exactly how much your management will cost.  Generally, most agencies will mark up white label costs by 100% or more.  Your profitability will surprise you.  

Quality & Client Retention:  Like mentioned above, you can feel confident that your clients’ PPC management accounts are being optimized to the metrics that are most important to the client.  Whether the client is looking for phone calls, form fills, eCommerce sales, email sign-ups, or simply just clicks and impressions, we will focus on and continually optimize around those goals.  

Simplicity: We are your PPC team.  It’s that simple.

The Denver PPC White Label Management Process

The Agreement

Once you decide to work with Denver PPC, we have a “Terms & Conditions” agreement to sign.  This agreement will outline our pricing, our working relationship, responsibilities, liabilities, etc.  This agreement is not a long-term agreement, we operate on a month-to-month basis with a 30-day notice of cancelation.  We will send this agreement via DocuSign so both parties will have a copy of the executed agreement.

Connecting Your Accounts

Once our agreement is signed, we will connect our Master MCC with your Agency MCC so we can manage the accounts assigned to us in your Google MCC.  If you don’t have an Agency MCC, not to worry, we can help you set one up.  The process is very similar for Microsoft Ads although connecting Facebook Business manager accounts get a little more technical.  We are here to help and are happy to  walk you through connecting all accounts you would like us to manage.  

Onboarding & Kickoff Call

Now that our accounts are connected, it’s time to talk about account specifics.  We have a “New Client Questionnaire” that you can fill out to help our team understand the goals of each client.  At this point, our team will also review each account’s performance and analyze how we can make immediate improvements in each account.  Over the years we have seen some really good accounts and we have seen some very poorly built accounts.  If your client’s PPC account falls into the latter category, our team will suggest an account “refactor” which will give it the best fighting chance for success. 

After the new client questionnaire(s) have been filled out and our team has reviewed each of your client’s accounts, it’s time for a kickoff call.  During this call, we will discuss each clients’ account to make sure everyone is on the same page as it relates to the goals of the client.  As soon as everyone is clear on how to proceed, we will officially start managing your PPC accounts.

PPC Management

We use PPC Optimization Tools such as Optmyzr, Google Ads API, SpyFu and others to help us analyze and determine the best optimizations for your Google Ads accounts.  PPC Management tools are great, but more importantly,  you need critical thinking “human” PPC Managers if you want to get the best performance possible for your Google Ads clients.  With a team of PPC managers on staff and dedicated Google Support Representatives, we have plenty of resources and dedicated people to make sure your clients’ campaigns are efficient and profitable.  

White Label PPC Reporting

Now that we are in full swing managing your PPC accounts, let’s talk about our reporting and client dashboard.  You will have 24/7 access to your Account Dashboard, which will show each PPC accounts’ performance.  You will also receive a monthly Account Performance Report (branded with your agency’s logo) on the 1st of the month detailing the previous month’s performance.  These reports are fairly customizable, so just let us know what metrics are the most important to show your client.  Your account manager will also send you a “Monthly PPC Account Update”.  This monthly email will briefly talk through the account’s performance, changes, as well as strategy moving forward.  These emails will be different every month, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter as it all just depends on what is going on in each account during that period. 


We love to communicate with our agencies and your input is important to us.  If you happen to have any questions or input on your account please let us know!


Now, on to billing.  Of course, billing is always a question our agencies have before partnering with Denver PPC.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, we generally keep a credit card on file and bill in arrears.  So, if we managed PPC accounts for you in April, we would bill your credit card on May 1st and send you a copy of the paid invoice.  If you prefer to send a check or ACH, we can make arrangements for that as well.  Our goal is for a long-term partnership with our agencies.  If that is the type of arrangement you are looking for as well, give us a call!  Let’s talk about your PPC accounts and see if we would be a good fit for your agency.  

Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Your PPC Management

As with all digital marketing services, there are many different white label PPC companies to choose from.   Make sure to ask the right questions before choosing your PPC partner.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Do you use U.S.-based PPC managers?
    • Because white label agencies are essentially “wholesale” PPC companies, many choose to hire overseas PPC managers to keep their costs down.  Trust us, you generally will not be happy in this type of scenario.  Make sure your white label PPC management team is actually located in the U.S. 
  2. How does your PPC White Label program work?
    • How do you make changes in the account, with a non-descript email address?  
    • Just in case your client checks the change history, you should make sure your White Label partner is using non-descript email addresses.  At Denver PPC, we use non-descript email addresses such as  If your client ever asks, just tell them this is your PPC Team making the changes and optimizing their account.  
  3. Do you interface with the client or only work on the backend?
    • Generally, White Label partners will only work in the background and do not communicate directly with the end client.  There are exceptions of course, but the reason we are able to provide wholesale pricing is that we tag team with the agency.  We work on the nuts and bolts of the account, the agency communicates with the end client.  
  4. How often do you provide KPI reporting and will it have my logo?
    • A White Label PPC partner should always provide you with reports that you can simply forward to the end client.  Generally, you will get one performance report per month branded with your logo.  We also provide a monthly summary and optimization email that you can forward to the end client.  This is very helpful for client retention as it shows the strategy and work going into the client’s PPC account.  
  5. Do you provide a list of monthly optimizations so I can show the end client?
    • Most White Label PPC companies do not provide this type of reporting.  If you would like a monthly strategy and optimization list, give us a call.  We do this for every client that we manage.  
  6. How do you communicate with us and how often?  Do we have one point of contact?
    • Every White Label PPC provider is different, but at minimum, we would expect a few communications throughout the month.  Depending on the number of accounts under management, this could go up or down.  Always choose a White Label partner who is willing to communicate and has your customer’s best interest in mind.  
  7. Are You a Google Partner?
    • Any agency that offers a White Label PPC program should be a Google Partner.  And really, they should be a Google Premier Partner.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Being a Google Premier Partner ensures the agency is always on top of Google changes and following best practices while managing PPC accounts. 
  8. What is your White Label PPC pricing?
    • Of course, one of the most important questions of all, what does the White Label PPC management company charge?  White label PPC pricing should be low enough where you can make a nice profit, but high enough that you can be confident your white label partner is actually working on and optimizing your PPC accounts.  Denver PPC charges $395 or 10% of ad spend (whichever is greater) and we find this gives us enough revenue to successfully manage your accounts and allows our agency partners to mark up our wholesale pricing 75-100%. 
  9. Do you have long-term agreements?
    • Unless you can lock in your clients for a 6 month or year-long contract, generally it doesn’t work very well to have a white label partner that mandates a long-term contract.  If your client cancels your service, you want to make sure you can also cancel with your White Label PPC company. 

Denver PPC has the experience, proven process, and professional discipline to consistently move the needle on your PPC marketing campaigns. 

And, we’re willing to back it up with our PPC performance guarantee.