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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772

White Label Facebook Ads Management

Our Colorado-based Facebook Ads team includes 10 PPC Management experts. Each of these PPC managers are trained, certified, and experienced in managing Facebook Ads accounts and platforms in a variety of industries.

We provide Facebook Ads management services to small and large businesses, ad agencies, SEO agencies, and design studios. If you’re looking to offer the immediate lead generation and revenue results from Facebook Ads traffic, then Denver PPC is your fastest path. 

We even guarantee it. Who else does that? (No one).

Some of the benefits of using Denver PPC:

  • Low cost – Affordable fixed fees or low percentage of spend depending on the size of the account
  • Monthly reports – Detailed reports which include a summary of performance and recommendations to improve the account
  • No contract – All our contracts are month-to-month
  • Team of PPC Specialists – All our account managers have a minimum of two years of experience managing a variety of white label PPC campaigns
  • Experience – All of our PPC managers are trained and certified

Why Advertise on Facebook?

In recent years, Facebook Advertising has taken the digital advertising space by storm. As the social giant they’ve become, Facebook (and Instagram, owned by Facebook) have taken to leveraging their user-base in an unprecedented way that allows for a wide variety of precise options to help you put your product or service in front of the right people at the right time.

Facebook has…

The Right Campaign Objectives

Facebook has many options when it comes to objectives for your advertising campaign. Whether you’d like to send traffic to your website for online sales, lead generation, or more information on your services, Facebook has your objectives covered. You can even run campaigns to build your brand name, expand your reach, or engage with current or potential customers on the two largest social platforms in the world – Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Advertising Campaign Objectives

Facebook offers a wide variety of campaign objective options to fit any goals you may have with your advertising efforts. The following is an overview of the options Facebook gives advertisers for promoting their business, brand, product, or service.


  • Brand Awareness – Reach people more likely to pay attention to your ads and increase awareness for your brand.
  • Local Awareness – Promote your business to people who are nearby.
  • Reach – Show your ad to the maximum number of people.


  • Traffic – Send more people to a destination on or off Facebook.
  • Engagement – Get more people to see and engage with your post or Page. Engagement can include the following:
    • Post Engagement
    • Page Likes
    • Event Responses
    • Offer Claims
  • App Installs – Send people to the store where they can purchase your app.
  • Video Views – Promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand.
  • Lead Generation – Collect lead information from people interested in your business.


  • Conversions – Get people to take valuable actions on your website or app, such as adding payment info or making a purchase. Use the Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions.
  • Product Catalog Sales (Dynamic Product Ads) – Upload your Product Catalog (product feed) to Facebook, place a pixel on your website to track which products were viewed by each customer, and serve product specific ads on Facebook to each specific customer who has previously viewed a specific product on your website.
  • Store Visits – Promote multiple business locations to people who are nearby.

The Right Ads To Showcase Your Products or Services

Facebook has a large selection of ad formats with which to showcase your products or services including the ability to customize text, images, slideshows, videos, and more.

Facebook Ad Formats

The Right Audience

Along with the rich set of campaign objectives and ad formats that Facebook offers its advertisers, they also provide a wealth of options when it comes to targeting users. On Facebook, a business or brand can target based on standard demographic categories, online behaviors, life interests, life events, and even offline activities, all through their partnership with some of the largest data providers in the U.S. One can also target social users utilizing their company’s customer data (names, emails, phone numbers, and more).

Facebook Advertising Targeting Methods

One of Facebook’s strong suits is their ability to target the right users with your products or services. The variety of targeting options that Facebook offers ensures that a company can reach the appropriate new customer base or existing customer base at precisely the time they are online. The following is an overview of targeting options that Facebook offers its advertisers.

Email Custom Audience

An Email Custom Audience is an audience derived from an email list you upload to Facebook Business Manager. Facebook will match the emails on your mailing list up with Facebook accounts to build the audience to which your ads will be served.

Engagement Custom Audience

An Engagement Custom Audience is an audience made up of people who have engaged with your content on Facebook in a specified way & in a specified time frame. This audience is constantly refreshed to include any engaging Facebook users. The following are the main types of Engagement Custom Audiences:

  • Video – those who have watched a certain amount of one of your videos
  • Lead Ads – those who have opened your form, opened form but didn’t submit, or opened & submitted form
  • Canvas Ads – opened or opened and clicked the link

Custom Audience from your Website (remarketing)

A Custom Audience from your Website allows you to remarket to previous visitors of your website in a variety of manners and a variety of levels of granularity.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are audience lists built to resemble a custom audience list. In setting up a Lookalike Audience, Facebook will analyze one of your custom audience lists and assemble a list of Facebook users who appear to be similar users to those in your custom audience, with the idea that that list of users is also relevant to you as a business.

Partner Categories

Facebook pulls data from three of the biggest enterprise data providers (Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon) to give advertisers very specific customer data with which to target their campaigns. This targeting focuses around:


Ex: age, education, ethnic affinity, financial status, generation, home, life events, parental status, political affiliation, work status, etc.


Ex: industries, entertainment, family & relationships, fitness & wellness, food & drink, hobbies & activities, shopping & fashion, sports & outdoors, technology


Ex: automotive preference, charitable donations, consumer classification, digital activities, financial activity, job role, purchase & travel behavior

The Right Remarketing Solutions

Facebook understands customers’ buying behaviors. They understand that a customer might not make a purchase the first time they visit your online storefront, and they understand that the lifelong value of an existing customer is of the utmost importance. As a result, Facebook offers a variety of ways to remarket to potential and existing customers. With Facebook’s tracking options, the sky’s the limit in terms of ways to segment website visitors. And along with the ability to customize your remarketing lists, dynamic remarketing can be done as well through the use of product feeds.

Facebook Ad sample remarketing lists

Facebook Advertising Remarketing Solutions

Facebook understands customers’ buying behaviors. They understand that a customer might not make a purchase the first time they visit your online storefront, and they understand that the lifelong value of an existing customer is of the utmost importance. As a result, they’ve created a lot of great options for remarketing to your customer base.

Custom Audience from your Website

Facebook offers a variety of ways to build remarketing lists from the traffic to your website. You can create a list of…

  • Anyone who visits your website
  • People who visit specific web pages
  • People who visit specific web pages but not others
  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time

Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook also offers companies the ability to dynamically remarket to their site visitors as well. When a potential or existing customer visits your site and spends time considering specific items for purchase, there are few marketing tactics as powerful as turning around and showing that same potential customer an ad of the exact product they just spent time considering.

With Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, this is not only possible, but easy.  We simply track your customers on your site via a tracking pixel and then show them a corresponding dynamic product ad based off your product feed which is imported to Facebook.

Facebook Optimization Reports

Transparency. We’re all about it. That’s why at Denver PPC we take all the guesswork and concern out of Facebook Ads management with our optimization reporting.  Our Facebook optimization reporting helps bring peace of mind in digital advertising to both individual companies and ad agencies across the country who need a Facebook Ads management team.

On our team, many of us are entrepreneurs, so we understand the need to ensure that every resource available to your business or agency is allocated wisely. Perhaps as a business owner or fellow agency, you don’t feel your team has the necessary time or skills to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign. And perhaps you’ve paid through the nose to have other Facebook Advertising agencies “manage” your accounts, only to see little results, leaving you wondering how much (if any) work was even done with your campaigns.

That’s where Denver PPC can help.

When you work with the pros at Denver PPC for your Facebook Ads management, not only will your accounts be handled by experts in the field who will be actively and efficiently working on your campaigns, you’ll also be provided with monthly optimization reporting, outlining, in detail, the work done in your account each month.

Here’s a quick glimpse of a few points from a sample optimization report:

Sample of Facebook Optimiztions

Facebook Optimization Reporting

Advertising in the ever-evolving social media space is no simple task. Each account presents countless unique optimization opportunities through a vast variety of campaign objectives, advertising strategies, configuration options, and incoming data points. But, trusting your Facebook Ad management to Denver PPC will not only bring you a much needed peace of mind that your account is being handled professionally, it will also allow you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

We’d love to discuss your business’ advertising needs, and help determine if Facebook Ad management with Denver PPC is right for you!

Facebook Performance Reports

Detailed Facebook Performance Reports

At Denver PPC, we use some of the best software in the industry for our Facebook Ads management (the same tools used by tech leaders such as Microsoft & HubSpot). This allows us to offer reporting, optimization, and campaign management that exceeds that of most Facebook advertisers.

Our custom performance reports offer both a top level overview of your campaigns as well as granular detail to see in depth insights into your account’s performance. Let’s take a look..

The top level overview gives you a quick look at the metrics that matter most. What is your overall cost per lead? How often are your ads being shown? How frequent is the Facebook user in your precisely defined audience seeing your ads each month? These are a few of the questions answered by our campaign level performance stats. Here’s a glimpse:

Facebook Top Level Campaign Performance

Moving further into your reporting, you’ll find more granular detail about your campaigns’ performance. This is where you can find out if your ads perform better on Facebook or Instagram, in the newsfeed or along the right hand column, or on mobile devices or laptops. Here you’ll also find the results of any active split tests we’re conducting with your target audience, ad copy, and more.

At Denver PPC, our tools and strategies allow us to effectively split test ad attributes, audience breakdowns, settings and more, simultaneously. Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the more granular detail you’ll find in your report:

Facebook Ad Performance Details

Are you ready to add or improve your Facebook Ads results?

Expert Facebook Ads management is one of the easiest ways to grow your business. Give us a call at 303-975-2819 for a quote on your Facebook Ads project.

References are available upon request.

Why Denver PPC for Your Facebook Ads Management?

Intrigued by the power of Facebook’s advertising, but not feeling confident enough to wade through the immense sea of detail required to execute the optimal campaign? We’ve got you covered.

The Facebook Ads Expertise You Need

Denver PPC has expertise in social media advertising that stems from the management and effective oversight of campaigns in a variety of industries. Along with the experience and knowledge of the specific ins and outs of Facebook advertising, we at Denver PPC bring a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to make your business or brand competitive in the online marketing space overall, giving us a competitive edge over others offering Facebook services alone.

facebook results

The Right Tools and The Right Solutions

At Denver PPC, we utilize industry leading tools to conduct the most effective and efficient campaign management and optimization. Our ability to split test and analyze results based on ad content, targeting methods, landing pages, and more, ensures that when you partner with Denver PPC for your Facebook advertising, you’re getting the best return on investment possible from your advertising dollar.

Facebook reporting graph

The Transparency You Deserve

At Denver PPC we have a strong belief in transparency every step of the way…

  • In Building Campaigns – When we build your campaign(s) from the ground up, we always share our ideas to get your feedback so we can construct the exact campaign that fits your needs.
  • In Monthly Management – When we spend time in your account optimizing and improving performance, we’ll send you a report of completed or proposed optimizations to highlight any changes made to your account.

In Reporting Results – And when the end of the month comes, you’ll receive a report showing with clarity exactly how your campaign(s) performed throughout the month.

Facebook ads sample report

To learn more about our Facebook and PPC Management services, call Troy or Tony at 303-975-2810. Or, Contact Us For A Free Consultation!