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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772

Why Choose Denver PPC?

Denver PPC is an experienced Colorado-based team of PPC professionals. We combine data, marketing expertise, and over a decade of experience – performing in some of the most competitive PPC marketplaces – to consistently yield guaranteed PPC results.

Here are just a few of the reasons that companies and agencies, advertising in some of the most competitive marketplaces, hire us to consistently generate profitable leads and online sales.

Exceptional Value and Affordable Pricing 

Clients often choose us for our affordable ppc management pricing.

Our PPC management fees are based on a fixed monthly fee until your advertising spend, campaign complexity, and reporting requirements demand more advanced management, then we price based on a reasonable fixed percentage of total advertising spend. 

Use our PPC management fee calculator to view how much it will cost to manage your PPC campaigns. 

We believe in transparent pricing; however, we must evaluate your ad account before we can give you a final quote and engagement agreement. The good news is that PPC account review is 100% free. Request a FREE 10-point PPC account review.

Exceptional Service, Accountability, and Higher ROAS

Clients might hire us based on our affordable pricing. But they stay with us for years because of our exceptional service, accountability, and the value we generate.

Our PPC experts are experienced, smart, thorough, and accessible. 

Denver PPC treats every ad dollar spent as though it were coming from our own pocket. Our detailed analysis involves hardcore number crunching. We are continually measuring and optimizing your ad groups, keywords, match types, geographic, demographic, day-part, and many more PPC advertising and targeting strategies that will give you the highest performing and most efficient allocation of your ad budget – maximizing your Return on Ad Spending (ROAS).

Are you ready to see what Denver PPC can do for you?


Is your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account fully optimized? Is it yielding the conversion rates and leads that you need? If you think you should be getting more from PPC, let us take a look and we’ll give you a FREE expert opinion.

Google Ads Certified Company

Denver PPC is one of the few PPC companies in Colorado which have met the requirements for Google Ads Qualified Companies, now called a “Google Partner.”

Becoming a “Google Partner” requires a Google Ads management company to manage a minimum of $100,000 in ad spending during the past 90 days, employ Google Ads Qualified Individuals who have passed the Google Ads Examinations and implement the recommended best practices in your clients’ accounts, which demonstrates to Google that we are we are maximizing our clients’ Google Ads performance.

Click on the Google Ads Qualified Company Link!

Many companies claim to be Google Ads Qualified Companies but are not current. 

Do you see Denver PPC’s Google Ads Company Qualified link on the bottom right corner of our page? Please, click on it. 

You’ll notice that it goes to a page hosted by Google, which proves that our qualification is current. If an agency claims to be Google Ads Qualified, then it should have a similar logo and link to a certification page hosted by Google. If a company’s Google Ads Qualified logo isn’t click-able, then it’s quite likely that the company isn’t actually qualified, or that its qualification is no longer current.

Google Ads Qualified Individuals

There is a significant difference between a Google Ads Qualified Individual and Google Ads Qualified Company. We employ many Google Ads Qualified Individuals, plus we have met the spending requirements as a company to prove that we have the requisite experience to manage Google Ads accounts.

What You Can Expect from a Denver PPC Management Engagement

Most of our new clients are curious if a new PPC management agency can improve their current PPC campaigns. That’s why we always encourage you to take advantage of our free PPC account review.

If you already have a Google Ads account . . .

Great, we can work with it.  

We’ll start with a few discovery questions to give our analysis appropriate business context.

  • What are your business objectives?  
  • What website address or landing page(s) are you using with PPC?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your competitive advantage and differentiator(s) in your marketplace?
  • What are your marketing objectives – generate phone calls, web form sales leads, live chat sessions, ecommerce transactions, brand awareness?  

We can conduct this discovery session via conference call or Zoom session. Or, you can just fill out our 15-question online survey. This discovery process will provide our PPC analyst with additional “color” on your business and industry.

After we know more about your business and your Google Ads objectives, the very best way to assess your current Google Ads account is to link up to it. We generally send an invite to an existing Google Ads account requesting access. Once this is approved by the Google Ads account owner, we can jump in and have a look. We will do a full review and analysis of your current account and show you where we can make improvements to generate additional leads/sales at a lower cost per acquisition. This analysis can take a few hours, or maybe somewhat longer, depending on the complexity of the account and the competitiveness of the ad space. Generally, within one or two business days, we will send you an email that includes specific recommendations to improve your account.

If you don’t have a Google Ads account . . .

No problem.  

We’ll start with the basics such as discussing your Google Ads objectives. Do you want to generate phone calls, web form sales leads, live chat sessions, ecommerce transactions, brand awareness? 

Then our PPC expert analyst will review your website and discuss your business. We will also ask you to fill out our 15-question online questionnaire to help us further understand your business.  

Once we have a basic understanding of your business, we will evaluate how much it will cost for you to advertise your products or services on Google. Our budget conversation might looks something like this:

“After researching some of your main keywords, your average cost per click is going to average $5.00. To get 100 clicks, you will need to spend $500. Out of those 100 clicks, how many people do you think will contact you?”  

This number is called your “conversion rate.”  

“If your conversion rate is 10%, you will get 10 leads out of the 100 people that clicked on your ad. Out of those 10 leads, how many of those leads will you close?”

This will help us estimate your potential revenue from PPC.

“Out of those closed leads, how much revenue will you generate?” 

Is this revenue higher or lower than the cost to run your Google Ads account?

Request a FREE PPC account review or discovery session to start this process. We can help you grow your business this month – it works that fast!

Starting Our PPC Management Engagement

Assuming our conversation regarding your existing Google Ads account or setting up a new Google Ads account goes well, we’ll get started immediately.

If we need to set up your Google Ads account or refactor your existing Google Ads account, we’ll ask you to sign our operating agreement (not a contract) and provide your credit card to get started. 

One important point to remember is we will build and manage YOUR Google Ads account. This is an important difference from many PPC management consultants. Your Google Ads account should be viewed as a company asset. Never use a Google Ads account that is “owned” by an agency.  If you happen to part ways with that agency, you will lose all of your campaign history and will have to start all over again!

Setting Up Your Google Ads Account

Whether we are setting up a new Google Ads account or refactoring an existing Google Ads account, we will get started on the work within two business days or less of receiving our signed agreement.  We always provide our clients with a copy of the Google Ads campaign to make sure we are building the campaign properly.  We appreciate client feedback as it helps to ensure all campaigns are running as effectively as possible. The time it takes to complete the setup can vary according to the complexity of the account, but we generally set the expectation that all Google Ads setups will take approximately two weeks to complete.

Managing your Google Ads Account

Once you have approved your campaign and your ads are up and running, we begin actively managing your campaign(s) in accordance with our proposed approach. We will make strategic decisions about the Google Ads account as well as performing regular maintenance and optimizations.

PPC Expert Analysis

We tailor our expert Pay Per Click management services to meet the unique needs of each PPC Advertiser. Google and Bing offer a plethora of opportunities for spending ad dollars. But, it takes a trusted PPC expert with knowledge and experience to recommend the options that will best suit your unique business objectives.

Denver PPC employs qualified, experienced PPC experts to manage your account. All of our PPC Experts have passed the Google Ads exam, or are studying to pass the exam.

Every month you will receive two reports. 

The first report is a Google Ads performance report showing the monthly performance of each PPC metric – Impressions, Clicks, Cost, Cost Per Click, Conversions, Cost Per Conversion.  

We also issue a monthly recommendations report. This report details how we are going to improve the performance of your account. It will include recommendations such as adding new keywords, negative keywords, adding ad groups, splitting ad groups, testing new ads, increasing/decreasing bids. 

Some clients enjoy discussing these reports with us every month, and other clients take a more hands-off approach to the process. Regardless of your preference, we are always happy to discuss your PPC account with you at any time.

Expert Analysis Documented in Monthly PPC Reports

We improve your PPC account each month on the basis of our ongoing expert analysis.  Your account performance is being impacted continuously by ad space competitors and market factors.  Continuous expert analysis of your account’s performance statistics allows us to respond to such market factors.  We document our expert PPC analysis in your monthly report.  Most Advertisers receive their PPC Reports on a monthly basis.

Documenting our expert PPC analysis and proposed changes to your account in our monthly reports allows you the opportunity to remain involved in the PPC management process, and invest your marketing dollars with confidence.

Custom PPC Reports

The requirements of each Pay Per Click Advertiser are unique, and our custom pay per click reports reflect that fact.   Significantly improving the performance of your Google Ads account depends on a sound account structure, combined with creative analysis.  The importance to you of our monthly reports is not just keeping you informed, but rather that they document each month the extent of our rigorous analysis.

Auto-generated reports are lame. They represent a substitute for analysis.   Don’t settle for them!  Take a look at a PPC report for your industry and COMPARE!  Download a sample PPC report now.

We’re not down on auto-generated Google Ads reports downloaded from the Google Ads report center. Those can provide a valuable snapshot about how your account has performed, but emailing those reports as statistics to advertisers is not a substitute for analysis, and in and of itself cannot lead to performance improvements.  If your existing PPC management company is sending you those auto-generated Google Ads reports directly instead of using them to manage the account on your behalf, then how do you know they are doing the analysis required to continuously improve the economic performance of your PPC account?

“Auto” PPC Reports Vs “Custom” PPC Reports

For Pay Per Click Advertising, our experience shows that the largest gains in ROAS are derived not from routine maintenance, but rather from the creative analysis.  Custom PPC reports document custom analysis, which involves humans.  We mention this because some companies use automatic tools for managing Google Ads accounts. In fact, there are quite a few somewhat useful programs being used by PPC ad companies to manage large advertising accounts. Unless you’re on the fortune 500 lists, it’s unlikely you can afford the services of such firms. Still, you might be curious about what benefits would be associated with automation.

It took IBM eight years to develop Deep Blue, the computer program which in May 1997 finally beat the then reigning chess champion, Gary Kasparov. While it’s conceivable that an intelligent program can be developed to fully automate the process of optimizing a pay per click account, the current PPC automation technology is far removed from matching Deep Blue’s prowess. Of course, IBM had an easier time of it, since the rules of chess have been more or less fixed since the 16th century.  We mention this because the rules of Google Ads have changed almost every month since we began managing accounts in 2004!

In January 2008, Google Google Ads sent us a questionnaire asking why we are no longer using our developer’s token to create software for automating the process of bid maintenance and reporting. 

My reply to the questionnaire: “Please let us know when you’ve put the icing on your Google Ads cake, and we’ll re-initiate our development efforts.” 

Since my note to them, Google has made quite a few significant improvements to Google

What Other PPC Management Questions Can We Answer?

As you can probably tell, we love talking about PPC. If you have any specific questions about PPC, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or how any of these paid media platforms can grow your business, call Troy or Tony at 303-975-2810.


Is your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account fully optimized? Is it yielding the conversion rates and leads that you need? If you think you should be getting more from PPC, let us take a look and we’ll give you a FREE expert opinion.