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Posted on July 31, 2021

White Label Facebook Ads Management Can Grow Your Agency

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
White Label Facebook Ads Management Can Grow Your Agency Feature Image
White Label Facebook Ads Management Can Grow Your Agency
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on July 31, 2021

What do you do in this situation?

One of your clients wants your agency to start handling their Facebook Ads campaigns. The problem is, you don’t have a dedicated staff member who’s an expert in Facebook Ads.

What are your options? Turn the business away and risk hurting your working relationship? Or try to take on the new project, knowing you don’t have enough time or resources to properly manage their Facebook Ads, and then still possibly hurt the working relationship?

Instead of skipping out on the work, hiring a new team member, or trying to do it all by yourself, there’s another option — outsourcing your Facebook ads management to an experienced PPC management company.

White label Facebook Ads management is a great way for an agency to offload some of their work, while also providing their clients with expert assistance. 

What Goes Into White Label Facebook Ads Management?

When you advertise on Facebook, you gain access to Facebook’s (and Instagram’s) billions of users through its Facebook Ads Manager.

This sophisticated tool lets marketers set up highly targeted ad campaigns to show up in users’ Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Using Facebook’s treasure trove of user-collected data, we can create several sets of targeted audiences, showing ads to groups of people selected by their demographics, interests, behaviors, pages followed, geographical location, and more.

If the client has a list of existing customer emails, we can also set up a custom audience, allowing your ads to only show to people who have already purchased from them before.

Or if your client has more specific targeting information, we can use that to set up various targeted audiences, or even set up retargeting campaigns and lookalike audiences to target people who share similar browsing patterns as existing customers.

Depending on what your clients’ goals are, we can optimize Facebook Ads campaigns to maximize impressions, boost likes for their Facebook page, send traffic to their website, or advertise and sell products for their eCommerce store.

Our PPC account managers will work with your team to better understand your clients’ goals and objectives. Then we can get to work setting up Facebook Ads campaigns, doing keyword research, and creating copy for several different ads.

White Labeling So Your Company Gets the Credit

As a white label PPC management company, we understand our clients may want discretion. We work to serve the needs of your agency to help you help your clients. 

Unlike other unscrupulous white label PPC companies, Denver PPC promises to never poach or contact your clients. When you hire Denver PPC, we promise to work for you, and will never break that trust.

White labeling PPC work means that even though we’re doing the Facebook PPC work for your agency, you get the credit for managing your clients’ Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Outsourcing your PPC management also allows your agency to take on more work and make more money, thanks to our affordable fixed fees or low percentage of spend. Now you don’t need to hire an extra employee, you can hire us instead!

Thorough and Transparent Reporting

Another added benefit of outsourcing your PPC management to Denver PPC is gaining access to our thorough monthly reports. These reports can also be white-labeled to feature your company’s logo, so you can easily hand them off to your clients, all while your agency gets the credit.

Our Facebook Optimization Reports are fully transparent and give you access to data related to the keywords used, money spent, number of impressions and clicks, and information regarding the individual Ad Sets and campaigns.

With every report, we also include notes on how to improve the next month’s results, so your clients’ campaigns are always improving and updating to maximize performance.

Benefits of Hiring a PPC Management Agency

Marketing agencies in today’s world need to be adaptable to frequent changes in the online space. This means also being able to offer your clients PPC management for their Facebook ads.

If you work for a small or a large agency, you might not have enough people on staff to keep up with your client’s demands, especially when they decide to branch out into creating Facebook and Google ads.

In these instances, it makes more sense to outsource this work to an existing agency that’s experienced in PPC management.

Instead of onboarding a new employee, or taking on the new work by yourself, hiring an outside PPC management agency is actually more cost-effective, and easier to scale if your clients decide to give you more work. Not only that, but the results your clients’ will get will also bolster your agency’s image, and may help you grow your agency.

This way, your agency can focus on its core strengths, whether that’s website design, strategy, or other media-related services that you’re best equipped to handle.

Another benefit of outsourcing PPC management? Knowing that you have an expert team who can handle complex issues and come up with advanced solutions and strategies.

Hire Denver PPC to Handle Your Facebook Ads Management

Denver PPC is an experienced and recognized team of PPC experts based in Colorado. Our team helps organizations across the country manage and succeed with their PPC campaigns and digital presence.

We are also a white label Facebook Ads management company, helping our clients of small to large-sized marketing agencies set up and manage Facebook ad campaigns for their clients.

Denver PPC is a reputable PPC company that’s recognized by Google as a “Google Partner.”

Our PPC experts have years of experiencing setting up, handling, and managing Facebook Ads campaigns in several industries, and have a proven track record of success. We offer immediate lead generation and revenue results for your clients with our Facebook Ads Traffic. We guarantee it.

Have a Facebook Ads account already? Get your free 10-point PPC review now.

If you work at a marketing agency, SEO agency, or a design studio and need help managing your clients’ Facebook Ads accounts, call Troy or Tony today at 303-975-2810.