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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772

Denver PPC Performance Guarantee

Who gives a performance guarantee on digital marketing? We do!

Denver PPC has the experience, proven process, and professional discipline to consistently move the needle on your PPC marketing campaigns. 

And, we’re willing to back it up with our PPC performance guarantee.

In a Nutshell…

Your PPC account performance improves by month three of our engagement, or we refund your third month’s fee.

Simple. Powerful. Money where our mouth is guarantee.

Why do we offer a PPC money-back guarantee? Why don’t others?

Our experience shows that we can improve almost any Google Ads account’s economic performance or other pay per click account over time. So, now we guarantee it by betting our fees on our performance.

Can your current paid search manager match our PPC Performance Guarantee?

We only do month-to-month PPC contracts

We want you to pay us for our PPC performance, not because our lawyers can write an air-tight contract.

Our paid search contracts are generally month-to-month, which is unique in our paid search industry. Most lock you in for a minimum of six months and many for an entire year. 

Furthermore, we won’t own your PPC accounts; you will own them and retain ultimate control over them. A month-to-month agreement means that we have to demonstrate our value each month. Otherwise, you can release us at the end of any month. Just send us an email saying, “Bye for now.” 

At any point, you can switch PPC agencies or take PPC management in-house. You’re always in complete control of your Google Ads and any other PPC accounts we manage.

The (not so) small print

  1. If we fail to deliver, you, the Advertiser, can cancel our service at the end of month three.  Of course, an Advertiser can cancel at the close of any month, but if you want to get a refund, you’ll have to wait until month three.  If an Advertiser, for whatever reason, chooses to retain us past month three, then the Advertiser will waive any right to a refund. This means you can’t retain us and get a refund. You’re either satisfied with us, or you release us.  Once you pay for month four, then the matter is settled.
  2. Suppose the total cost per conversion for month three is not improved from the previous average conversion cost (calculated on a previous 3-month average). In that case, the Advertiser qualifies for a refund of the third month’s management fee.
  3. To qualify for the guarantee, the Advertiser must transfer an existing pay per click account to Denver-PPC’s management to provide a basis for evaluating our relative performance.
  4. Our PPC Performance Guarantee applies to new Advertisers, not to Agencies.
  5. We reserve the right to opt-out of the PPC Performance Guarantee by notifying the Advertiser in our initial proposal, to the extent, in our estimation, any unique adverse circumstances might apply.

Our free PPC analysis is the quickest way to see how you can improve your campaigns

If you’re interested in our PPC management services, the first step is to phone Troy or Tony at 303-975-2810 and quiz us about Denver PPC’s services.  

If you’re impressed with that discussion and want a detailed evaluation of how we can improve your PPC campaigns, then the next step is to request our Free 10-Point PPC Account Review.

Our 10-point PPC Account Review will evaluate your current account setup, performance, and opportunities for improvement. We’ll prepare your review report with a list of specific improvements and provide you a quick quote (within 48-72 hours) for us to take over management and for you to get your guaranteed PPC performance improvements

Since Denver PPC specializes in Paid Search, our experience shows that we can beat the performance and the fee levels of most full-service ad agencies or SEO firms.

If you accept our proposal, then we generally refactor your account over a maximum period of 2 weeks.  Sometimes refactoring takes longer for online stores, in which case we specify a different period in our proposal.  The process is painless and rewarding–we guarantee it.