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Posted on April 9, 2021

How Google Ads Can Help You Reach New Customers

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
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How Google Ads Can Help You Reach New Customers Feature Image
How Google Ads Can Help You Reach New Customers
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on April 9, 2021

Google has been the driving force behind modernizing online marketing, completely changing the way companies reach and advertise to new customers. 

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, allows marketers far greater accuracy in showing their ads to people searching for products and services that are relevant to them. Demographics, geographical targeting, and retargeting functionality ensure your ads are showing only to your targeted audience, reducing waste and maximizing ad spend.

By utilizing pay-per-click marketing, our team can find the specific keywords your customers are searching for online so that when they have a question, you can provide the answer. 

This capability of using targeted search terms and paid online advertisements has the potential to increase calls to your business, direct more visitors to your store, and direct visitors to your company’s landing page or website. 

Read more to learn how your company can use PPC marketing with Google Ads to get new customers.

Target Audiences in Uncharted Territory Based on Geographic Location 

Google Ads offers geographic targeting so you can deliver your ads to the highly specified areas of your choosing. This is useful for gaining brand recognition in your local area, or for gaining new business in separate districts in the case of stores with multiple locations.

In the Google Ad manager dashboard, advertisers can set up multiple targeting areas to allow them to target cities, zip codes, counties, states, and countries. 

Creating specified geo-targeting also maximizes your campaign’s ad spending, ensuring you won’t waste money advertising to people outside of your preferred area. Geo-targeting also lets you exclude certain areas, such as zip codes or cities with a low population or that are outside your target demographic.

Setting up radius areas around your existing stores, or competitors’ stores, is also incredibly useful with Google Ads for bringing in new customers.

In the pre-internet area, geo-targeting was limited to yellow books, print ads, and billboards in specific locations. But with advanced geo-targeting capabilities, you can now show your ads to people who are exactly within your user-set parameters.

Cater Ad Copy to Specific Audience Needs and Pain Points

In the days of old, advertisements were hit or miss. You would place an ad, or a series of ads on a TV channel or in a newspaper/magazine and hope your ad caught your customers’ eyes. But this approach was costly and often showed your ad to people who weren’t interested in your product.

Now, you can create multiple individualized ads that appear based on people’s Google searches. Instead of having one ad blasted everywhere, you can create hundreds of variations of ads based on several questions or common Google searches that your customers are looking for. This allows you to show your ad to people who are much more likely to be receptive to it.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, advertisers can explore the most commonly searched questions online to give them a better understanding of what your customers are searching for online. Knowing the most searched queries allows you to create ads based on these questions. That way when your customers are searching for a solution on Google, your ad can provide a definite answer, leading them to click on your ad and enter your sales funnel.

Keyword analysis also allows you to get a leg up on your competition. By understanding what keywords your competitors are actively targeting, you can differentiate your approach so you can stand out and get more attention.

Utilize Call Extension and Call-Only Ads

Sometimes you just want to get people to call your business, without the hassle of getting them to click on a landing page first.

Ever notice how some car dealerships or gym memberships won’t list a price, but instead say “Call to inquire about price”? It’s because salespeople know they have a better shot at selling you if they can get you on the phone, rather than just listing the price upfront. This same method applies to call-only ads, which can have a higher success rate for getting new business.

Cut out the extra steps of clicking on an ad and create a call-only ad instead. When your ad appears in Google, customers only have the option to click on the call button, there’s no website or links to click on.

Or, if you do plan on having an ad that leads to a landing page, give your customers an option to call you directly, by adding a call extension. This allows them to either click on your website, or give you a call, improving your ad’s success.

Unlock New Customers on Google Ads with the Power of Retargeting 

Retargeting ads place cookies within your web visitors’ browsers, allowing you to continue showing your ads to them even after they’ve left your website.

For example, have you ever looked at a specific product online, like an electric guitar, only to find an ad for that same guitar on other websites later in the day? That’s a retargeting ad, and it’s a powerful tool for reminding people to give your product or service a second look. 

Compared to other kinds of banner ads, remarketing ads have a considerably higher click-through and conversion rate. Because your past visitors are already familiar with your product or service, these ads are more relevant, and more likely to be clicked over other ads.

For this reason, we often recommend using a combination of traditional paid Google ads with retargeting ads. This way you can attract new website visitors, and then be able to show your ads to them after they’ve bounced off your website or landing page.

Denver PPC: Google Ads Management Expertise 

Denver PPC is among the few PPC companies in Colorado to be considered a Google Ad Qualified Company, now known as a “Google Premier Partner.” We hold over a decade of experience performing in some of the most competitive PPC marketplaces to consistently yield guaranteed PPC results.

Our team employs qualified, experienced PPC experts to manage your Google Ads account. All of our PPC experts have passed the Google Ads exam, or are studying to pass it.

We will tailor our expert PPC management services to your campaign’s specific goals, whether it’s bringing more calls to your business, or collecting leads online.

In addition to Google Ads, we also work with Bing Ads and Facebook Ads to help grow your business. 

Interested in learning more about PPC? Call Troy at 303-975-2810.