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Posted on April 9, 2021

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Management Company

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Management Company Feature Image
10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Management Company
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on April 9, 2021

Thinking about hiring a PPC management company to improve your business’s revenue and attract new customers?

With more marketing companies offering PPC management services, it’s crucial to ask qualifying questions upfront to determine if they’re the right fit for your business’s needs.

You’re trying to learn more about the company’s reputation, whether or not they’re certified, and their depth of experience. It’s also important for you to set expectations before you agree to work with this company.

Below we’ve listed our top 10 questions that should give you enough insights to make the right decision when hiring a PPC management company.

1. How many years of experience does the company have?

Keeping up with Google’s constantly changing algorithms and guidelines is a full-time job that requires years of mastery to yield consistent results.

When it comes to spending your business’s money, choose a company that has at least 10 years of experience. Companies with greater experience will be more adept at staying current with Google’s guidelines and will steer clear of shortcuts or trendy hacks that can undo your company’s progress when the next core algorithm update happens.

2. Focus and attention: will we be assigned an account manager? How many does the company have?

Choose a PPC management company that assigns a personal representative to work directly with your company. This account manager should be your trusted confidant who offers guidance and provides exceptional customer service.

Smaller marketing agencies might have limited resources when it comes to managing your account. This isn’t ideal, because they may have less time to provide exceptional service to your company.

Choose a company that has numerous account managers and a plan for always giving you a tailored experience.

3. Reporting Schedule

Ask to see how often you will receive reports on your campaign’s results and spending. Once a month is common, but twice a month is even better. You could also ask to see a sample report.

Reports show how much is being spent on keywords, how many clicks and conversions are coming through, how many calls are coming in, and other metrics that are determined by working with the client.

Don’t settle for a company that’s not transparent with its reporting. As the client, you have every right to see precisely where your money is being spent. 

4. How often will we receive updates outside of reporting?

In times of urgency, you may need updates provided in real-time, and can’t afford to wait a week or two for your next report.

In these cases, it’s helpful to know that your PPC management company is receptive to providing exceptional customer service to send you updates outside of your regularly scheduled reporting times.

Ask your PPC management company upfront before doing business to see if this is something they can accommodate, and then plan accordingly.

5. What industries does this company specialize in?

If you are a home services business or a law firm, find a company that has experience working with these types of industries. 

PPC management is a combination of keyword analysis, copywriting, marketing, and budgeting. Your odds of success improve when you can work with a company that is familiar with your industry and knows how to write successful copy and landing pages that will draw your customers in.

6. Is there cross-platform capability?

Your campaign’s odds of success improve when using an integrated marketing approach. Choose a company that can offer multiple channels of advertising to reach your customers through different avenues and at different points of their buying cycle.

Is this PPC management company a one-trick pony, only specializing in Google Ads? Ask them to learn what their cross-platform, or multiple-channel advertising, services include.

Ideally, a PPC management company would be capable of producing Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, video ads, banner ads, A/B testing landing pages, and retargeting ads.

7. What certifications do PPC managers hold in your organization?

Any marketing company can offer PPC services to their clients, but very few are officially certified by Google as “Google Partners.”

To get this certification, a company must manage a minimum of $100,000 in ad spending during the past 90 days, and employ Google Ads Qualified Individuals who have passed the Google Ads Examinations. 

It’s in your company’s best interest to employ Google Certified account managers who have experience running successful campaigns and have a proven track record of success.

8. How effective is PPC advertising, and what will it do for my business?

PPC advertising is extremely effective in reaching new customers by showing them relevant ads when they’re actively searching for solutions online.

Depending on what your business’s goals are, you can use PPC advertising to position your company higher up in Google’s search engine results, attract new customers, collect highly qualified leads for your sales department, or promote your brand to a highly targeted audience.

Ask your PPC management company for case studies to learn how they’ve helped companies in the past reach their goals, and how they plan on helping you achieve your goals.

9. How are management fees structured?

Each PPC company has its own way of charging for its services. Some may offer a flat fee, while others charge hourly. Another common option is to charge a percentage based on your campaign’s overall budget.

Also, be sure to ask about contracts and user-agreements, and whether or not they allow for opt-out at any time. 

10. Can the team set up an account for us, and will we have admin access to the campaigns and the data?

It’s common for PPC management companies to take over a company’s existing Google Ads accounts to begin improving their campaigns. If your company doesn’t have an account, they should offer to set up the account for you.

Talk with your PPC management company to see if they are open to sharing access to the online accounts and what their protocol is for transparency. 

Denver PPC: Trusted Experts in PPC Management 

Denver PPC is a certified Google Premier Partner with over 12 years of PPC management experience.

Our team employs 10 PPC management experts, all who are all qualified to set up Google, Bing, and Facebook ads, and are experienced in managing paid accounts for various industries.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Denver PPC:

  • Low cost – Affordable fixed fees or low percentage of spend, depending on the size of the account
  • Monthly reports – Detailed reports, which include a summary of performance and recommendations to improve the account
  • No contract – All our contracts are month-to-month
  • Team of PPC Specialists – All our account managers have a minimum of two years of experience managing a variety of campaigns

Ready to ask us questions about PPC management? Give Troy a call at 303-975-2810.