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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772
Posted on July 7, 2008

Outsourcing Pay Per Click

Outsourcing Pay Per Click
Posted on July 7, 2008

7 Reasons to Outsource to Denver PPC

If you’re an SEO company which dabbles in Pay Per Click, then this post is for you.  Read it to learn how Denver PPC has grown to become one of the Top PPC Companies in the United States.

Reason 1:  Trained Professionals

We have 8 active Adwords exam passes.  Compare this to many SEO Consulting firms, where the receptionist manages client Adwords accounts.  Trying to hire PPC professionals?  They are tough to find.  That’s why we don’t even search for them.   Instead, we hire smart college grads with good writing and anlytical skills, and then train them into pros.  You have want ads.  We have our own internal school!

If you are an SEO firm which does not have a team dedicated  to manage pay per click, then it would seem obvious that outsourcing to specialists would improve your level of client service.

Reason 2:  Management Systems

We apply rigorous systems for managing client PPC accounts.  Read our blog to learn more about those.  If your systems don’t stack up, then you have to ask yourself how you are going to offer your clients continuously improving results.

Reason 3:  Custom Reports

Last week, one of our SEO clients stated that she doesn’t believe most clients understand our custom reports.  They are rather technical, and include a lot of details.  I’m not sure all clients appreciate them, but that’s not really the point.  Creating monthly custom reports for each client provides accountability and control at the account manager level.  It’s through reporting that we hold our own professionals accountable for improving performance of PPC accounts, and force them to rack their brains to think of improvements each month.

If you don’t create custom monthly reports for your clients, then it’s unlikely that you are managing them in a proactive manner.  If you want an example, outsource just one account to us and let us show you how it is done.

Reason 4:  Competitive Pricing

Our prices are wholesale, not retail.  It’s our goal to ensure that our SEO clients make money on every job we perform on their behalf.  Ask us for a quote on a single account.  Included in our quote will be the ten things we would do differently, if the account were assigned to us.

Reason 5:  Dependability

If you’re having trouble delivering, then assign a couple accounts to us to relieve the work load.  Scared of outsourcing because you believe we will let you down?  Ask us for references.  Phone our customers.  If you do, they’ll tell you the we meet our deadlines, and provide quality service.

Reason 6:  Control

Our clients retain control of client relationships and MCC accounts.  Our contracts with SEO companies are month to month, meaning we can be fired from any client, or all clients, at any time.

Reason 7:  Management

Outsource your Pay Per Click to Denver PPC because we have talented management.  If you can’t afford to hire managers in-house to manage and control your pay per click activities, then choose Denver PPC to do that on your behalf.