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Get your free PPC analysis started now. Text or call us at 877-584-3772
Posted on May 15, 2008


Posted on May 15, 2008

PPC Versus SEO

Pay per click (PPC) or Search engine optimization (SEO)?  It’s a question every Internet Marketing professional answers in one form or another almost everyday. For most companies, we recommend doing some form of both.

Pay per Click Management Professional

A Pay per Click Manager can guarantee you immediate relevant traffic to your website. Pay per Click, also referred to as Paid Search, involves purchasing advertisements in the Google or Yahoo sponsored search results. Getting started is easy! Although we don’t recommend them, Google and Yahoo offer a free service to setup a simple account for you. Write some ads, choose keywords, enter your credit card, get coffee, and when you return, your ads are already running!

SEO Experts

An SEO expert can help you improve your organic search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization is a process involving on-page optimization, creating qualifying relevant unique content, and building in-bound links, all as a means of enhancing your rankings in the organic search results. The process itself typically takes months, and once you achieve your objectives, the SEO process never ends. For anything relating to organic search, the results are not certain, and without sustained efforts, success can be fleeting. If your competitors hired SEO experts to build back-links for their sites, you’ll have to continue building links yourself or fall behind in organic listings.

On-Page Search Optimization

Google advises that every website should be built on a foundation of sound principles of design conducive to search engine recognition. Google encourages this explicitly in everything they publish and implicitly by providing webmasters tools to facilitate on-page search optimization and the creation of site-maps. If your site isn’t up to Google’s published standards, then you should revise it immediately. Consider well designed pages as representing the ante just to be considered for inclusion in paid or organic search results. If you’re uncertain about the merits of your website, contact us and we’ll give you some ideas for improving it.

PPC Sometimes Offers Cost Effective Alternative

For start-up companies targeting competitive search spaces, PPC may represent the only practical, economic internet marketing option. For companies with new websites, it may take months to implement an effective SEO strategy. Plus, organic search recognition is never certain. In contrast, a well-executed PPC advertising campaign can be relied upon to provide an immediate, certain source of relevant search traffic.

PPC as training wheels for an SEO program

Your website can be optimized for a finite number of search phrases. Which phrases are most valuable to you? Before you embark on an expensive SEO journey, make sure you fully understand what keywords and creative text will provide the best return on your SEO dollars. If you make a mistake in this respect with PPC, you can squander 10’s or possibly 100’s of dollars in ad spending, a pittance compared to the thousands of dollars you will waste if you choose suboptimal keywords for an SEO program. Using Adwords to test keyword performance for your targeted keywords in your targeted geo-market is fast and efficient.

PPC is Fast

Compared to most SEO companies, Denver PPC works fast. The roll-out time depends on the size of the account. A large PPC account involving 3 or 4 campaigns, a dozen or so ad groups per campaign, and 5,000 or so keywords, can be completed and brought live in 5 to 7 business days. SEO companies typically move much slower. In fact, if you hire Denver PPC to create your PPC campaign, you will likely receive your first monthly PPC report before your SEO consultant has barely begun working.

PPC Complements SEO

Depending on the effectiveness of SEO, your willingness to make an initial investment in an SEO program, and the competitiveness of your search space, SEO can often drive traffic to your website for a fraction of the cost of Pay per Click (PPC).

Even so, companies often choose to continue advertising with PPC because of the wealth of marketing information a well-managed pay per click campaign can provide for SEO, as well as all marketing functions. Do you know which words work best for selling your product or service? Denver PPC performs ad split testing, and includes in its monthly reports statistics about how competing ad text is performing. This not only allows us to continuously improve your PPC ads, but the results will also provide potentially valuable information to your webmaster, and your entire marketing department.

No form of advertising offers a more effective testing ground for marketing ideas than PPC. Ask us how we can apply PPC advertising to affordably assist your company in testing and implementing your next marketing initiative.

Denver PPC works with several SEO companies and Winning SEO Web Design companies. If you wish to know more about how SEO can benefit your business, we can explain what to expect from an SEO consultancy, and if you’re in Denver, we’ll recommend our local favorites.

Can PPC Find New Clients for Your Business?

Search marketing in general, and PPC advertising in particular, suits many but not all types of companies. If you’re not yet sure about the benefits of search marketing, then contact us and we’ll explain how it may benefit your company.