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Posted on May 15, 2009

Attorney Adwords Marketing

Attorney Adwords Marketing
Posted on May 15, 2009

Attorney Adwords Marketing Tips

The following tips for managing Adwords apply specifically to Attorneys, Law Firms, and Lawyers.

Target your Adwords ads Precisely

Over half the ads in a typical attorney ad space are too general.  If someone is searching for Medical Malpractice, don’t display a general ad or a laundry list of services to someone searching for Medical Malpractice.  Make your ad text precise.

Our experience shows that general keywords like Lawyer or Memphis Attorney don’t convert efficiently.  Consumers ready to buy legal services generally use more precise search phrases.  Targeting more precise terms usually results in better results.   While attorneys generally cannot claim to specialize, it’s important to select areas of emphasis for advertising.  Following are some relatively more precise search phrases:

  • Tax Attorneys
  • Accident Attorneys
  • Personal Injury Attorneys
  • DUI Attorneys
  • Business Attorney
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Hospital Malpractice
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Probate & Trust Attorneys
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Internet Law
  • Estate Attorneys
  • Wrongful Death

Further on that point, the way to make your ads correlate more precisely to search queries is simply to group them into more ad groups; place a fewer number of highly congruent keyword phrases in each ad group.

Run Broad Match keywords with Negatives

Don’t run Broad Match keywords without a comprehensive custom list of negative keyword phrases.  Generally campaigns for attorneys require minimum 200 negative keywords to effectively

Let Prospects Determine Winning Ad Text

Don’t be too opinionated or close-minded about your ad text.  One thing about attorneys is they can generally write well.  However, that doesn’t mean they are better than the average Joe at determining what appeals most to the average Joe.  Let your prospects determine which ad text wins.  If you’ve properly structured your Adwords account, then it’s generating a ton of data.  Mine the data to determine best performing ads, and use that as a basis to continuously improve the ads so they appeal to your prospects.

Leverage Ads with Special Offers

Some of the most successful ads for Attorneys are those which offer something unique, like a free booklet about a specific type of claim, or a free video on something like Motorcycler’s Rights.  If you already have some marketing-related printed material or video, consider using your internet advertising to leverage it.  In competitive geo-markets, a video can make you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Buy Clicks in Bulk!

You know the old adage about half of your ad dollars being wasted–you just don’t know which half??  Well, that doesn’t apply to Adwords.  With Adwords, you have the ability over time to know precisely which ads, which keyword phrases, which hours of the day, which day of the week, which match types, which publications, which Do your homework, then just buy those clicks which convert–let your competitors buy the others.  Continuously improving an Adwords account involves number crunching and intelligent differentiation.

If you’re not actively managing your account along these lines, then you should hire it out (to us).

Average Adwords Management Fee for Attorneys: $500

Our average management fee for managing Adwords for Personal Injury Attorneys, Tax Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, and DUI Attorneys is about $500 and ranges from $350 to $750.  If you manage a Law Firm which is spending $6,000 or more per month in ad spending, then you’ll find that our fees will likely pay for themselves in ad dollar savings.

If you have already hired a firm to manage your Adwords and are paying more than $500 to manage your Adwords account, then you consider getting a Quick Quote from us; doing so involves no fee or further obligation.  Provide us access to your existing account for 24 hours and we’ll provide a list of improvements and a firm fee quote.  Our PPC Performance Guarantee applies to such accounts.

Lawyers choose Denver PPC because:

  1. We squeeze more leads from fewer ad dollars–we guarantee it!
  2. Our fees are competitive, and our terms are month to month.
  3. We offer a PPC Performance Guarantee.
  4. We are experienced in managing Adwords for attorneys.

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