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Posted on October 10, 2022

Top Questions for eCommerce PPC Management

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Top Questions for eCommerce PPC Management Feature Image
Top Questions for eCommerce PPC Management
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on October 10, 2022

Are you considering hiring an eCommerce PPC management company to handle your Google or Facebook Ads so you can sell more products online?

In the beginning, it can be worrying to set up a Google Ads account when your company’s credit cards are on the line. One small mistake could mean hundreds of dollars wasted on ineffective ads or strategies.

Instead of doing it all yourself, why not outsource your PPC needs to an eCommerce PPC management company?

In this article, we’ll explain what eCommerce PPC advertising is, how it works, the available PPC platforms, and go over the benefits of hiring a PPC management company to handle this work for you.

What does PPC mean?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model that charges the advertiser every time their ad is clicked on.

In most cases, specific keywords or search phrases are bid on by marketers, so that each time these keywords are searched on Google, their ad will be triggered and shown to people as a “paid” search result.

In the instance an ad is triggered and shown but is not clicked on, the advertiser will not be charged. This is known as an “impression.”

What platforms are included in eCommerce PPC management?

Google Ads is the most popular eCommerce PPC management tool online, with a 28% market share, but there are many paid platforms that work well too. 

Because each paid platform has access to different users across the web, many different PPC platforms may be used to cast a wider net across the web to reach broad target audiences.

The following are the most popular PPC management platforms for your eCommerce business.

Google Ads

Google offers several Google Ad types, from text-based search ads, and Google Shopping ads, to visually stunning display and banner ads.

Keep in mind that Google Ads can also be served on YouTube and across 2 million Google Display Network websites, which are websites that monetize traffic by showing Google display ads.

Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Formerly Bing Ads, Microsoft Ads use their Bing search engine to show targeted ads to users online similar to Google Ads, but with a smaller market share.

However, don’t let Microsoft Ads’ lower market share deter you from creating ads—it’s the second most popular search engine. 

This means that Microsoft Ads can be considerably cheaper on average compared to Google’s, and can reach people who don’t use Google’s search engine. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, unlike Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, don’t use biddable keywords as their main targeting option.

Instead, digital advertisers can fill out specific demographic information, geographic location, and interests to target their audience.

Because Facebook Ads are not shown instantly after a specific keyword search, it’s known as “passive advertising” and is great at targeting people based on their interests and online behavior.

Keep in mind that Facebook Ads also include Instagram Ads and WhatsApp Ads. 

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, like Facebook, isn’t a search engine but a social media platform. However, LinkedIn has over 850 million users and gives advertisers greater access to targeting options, including targeting people by their company or job title.

When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn Ads can’t be beaten because they’re targeting professionals who are actively looking for services and product solutions to help their business.

Remarketing ads

Every ad platform has what’s called “remarketing ads” that allow advertisers to show their online ads only to people who have previously visited their website.

Remarketing ads are effective because they target only people who have visited your website and left, increasing their brand recall, which makes your ads stand out among your competitors.

In turn, this dramatically improves your click-through rate by up to 70%!

What does an eCommerce PPC management service do?

PPC agencies work with their clients to help them reach their specific marketing and sales goals and objectives, which usually include:

  • Increasing sales
  • Marketing new products and product categories
  • Building buzz around a new product
  • Generating more phone calls
  • Boosting traffic to website
  • Lead generation
  • More newsletter sign-ups and email collection
  • Brand exposure
  • App downloads
  • Improve return on ad spend (ROAS)

While some eCommerce PPC management companies only specialize in Google Ads or Facebook Ads, it’s important to find a company that is dextrous across many paid online platforms.

It all depends on who your target audience is and where they spend their time shopping online. 

Working with an experienced PPC manager will help you determine who these people are, understand their online behaviors, and learn which websites and platforms are the most appropriate for reaching them effectively.

For these reasons, it’s important to find an eCommerce PPC management service company that’s comfortable dealing with not just Google and Facebook Ads, but also Amazon Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

What are the advantages of using an eCommerce PPC management service over doing it on my own?

Many small companies can and do set up their own eCommerce PPC campaigns, usually starting off with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Of the two options, Facebook Ads is simpler and easier to start out with. A Google Ads account is much more complicated and robust, and as a result, is much easier to screw up for the inexperienced marketer.

In short, odds are if you set up your PPC account without much experience, you’re likely not seeing the results you were hoping for, and worse yet, you are spending money on ads that are underperforming without knowing why.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of outsourcing your paid ads to an eCommerce PPC management company.

Improved traffic boost from well-written ads

Many companies start campaigns to boost traffic to their websites, usually as part of a lead generation campaign, or to sell more products.

The problem is many ads are not well-written or lack a captivating call-to-action (CTA) that prompts clicks.

However, PPC experts have written thousands of ads, and likely know the buzzwords that will result in getting more clicks and more traffic to your website.

Reach campaign’s goals and objectives

Many advertisers set up campaigns without clear goals and objectives in mind, never knowing if their campaign is successful or not.

However, when you work with a PPC expert, your first meeting will be discussing the very specific and tangible goals that will dictate your entire marketing strategy.

Choosing better keywords and “negative” keywords

Keyword research is among the most tedious and confusing aspects of paid advertising. It’s also one of the most important. Don’t leave this important task to an inexperienced employee.

Your keywords are the main targeting option for reaching your audience — leave it to an expert who can add the important keywords, as well as “negative” keywords so your ads are only showing to people with the right intent. 

Improve click-through rates and conversions

Experts know the average click-through rates and conversion rates across different ad types and industries. They can quickly recognize if ads are underperforming and make the necessary changes to improve these conversion rates.

Improve ROAS scores

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is one of the most important metrics for analyzing how much revenue ads are earning versus their cost.

If you’re running ads on your own, odds are your ROAS is low and you’re being inefficient with your ad spending.

Try out our free ROAS calculator.

Increased revenue and ROI

Expert PPC managers will earn you more revenue and improve your ROI by creating cost-effective strategies to minimize wasted ad spending.

Better effectiveness

Want your ads to work better? From keyword research, writing ads, and creating landing pages, an eCommerce management service can outsource all of your PPC tasks to create a more effective online campaign using years of experience that you and your employee likely won’t have.

Hire Denver PPC as your eCommerce PPC management partner

Denver PPC is an experienced team of PPC professionals with proficiency across various paid online platforms.

Our team has years of experience setting up and maintaining ad campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, Linked Ads, and more!

We are a certified Google Partner company that has proven time again that we can help maximize our client’s success using Google Ads.

Do you have an existing Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or Facebook Ads account? We’d be happy to take a look at it for free and help improve your eCommerce business. 

Contact us to get your free 10-point PPC analysis and we’ll give you our expert opinion on how to improve your PPC success rates.

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