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Posted on February 24, 2023

How to Choose the Best White Label Agency to Manage Your Facebook Advertising

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Denver PPC
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How to Choose the Best White Label Agency to Manage Your Facebook Advertising Feature Image
How to Choose the Best White Label Agency to Manage Your Facebook Advertising
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on February 24, 2023

How to Choose the Best White-Label Agency to Manage Your Facebook Advertising

White-label Facebook advertising is a very common practice among marketing agencies and design studios.

Oftentimes, these marketing agencies have their own clients who request help in creating Facebook Ads for specific campaigns.

However, the creation of Facebook Ads can be overly involved and complex. Especially for marketing agencies that lack a paid media focus, such as design studios, email marketing agencies, or social media management companies.

In these instances, companies outsource their PPC work to a white-label Facebook ads agency to ensure they’re providing the highest quality work for their clients while marking up the work to earn a profit too.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of what a white-label Facebook Ads agency can do for you. 

What does a white-label Facebook Ads agency do? 

Traditionally speaking, “white labeling” occurs when one company (the vendor) produces work for another company (the client) that’s rebranded as the client’s work.

In Facebook Ads marketing, white labeling commonly occurs when marketing companies (the client) outsource their Facebook Ads work to specialized agencies (the vendor), while the client maintains their regular business relations with their existing clients.

Typically, a small to mid-sized marketing agency might outsource their Facebook Ads creation to a PPC agency if they’re currently understaffed or don’t have the capabilities to produce Facebook Ads for their clients.

In these instances, it can be advantageous to offload these extra tasks to a more reliable, and specialized Facebook Ads reseller service.

What’s included in white-label Facebook Ads management

Outsourcing Facebook Ads management work to a PPC agency isn’t just for small to mid-sized marketing companies, but also large businesses, SEO agencies, and design studios.

Many of our clients come to us with help creating Facebook Ads campaigns that are meant to drive lead generation, phone calls, and boost traffic for their clients.

Let’s take a look at the services typically involved in white-label Facebook ads management.

Ad strategy

First, a white-label agency will discuss with their client the right Facebook Ads campaign objectives, whether it’s building awareness, boosting traffic, generating leads, or selling eCommerce items.

Then, the PPC account manager will pick the right Facebook ad formats to showcase the client’s products or services, such as carousel ads, single-image ads, video ads, or slideshow ads.

Next, the account manager will hone in on targeting the right audience, using the Facebook Ads manager’s powerful targeting option to add demographics, interests, behaviors, and lookalike audiences.

Ad creation

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of Facebook Ads creation, the white-label agency will handle all aspects of writing, creating, managing, and editing Facebook Ads.

The PPC account manager will also handle setting up the budget, setting timelines for the campaign, routinely A/B testing the ad sets, and even pausing underperforming ad sets to ensure only the best ads continue delivering.


When you hire a white-label Facebook ads agency, you’ll receive monthly reports that are rebranded with your company’s logo, so you can present the results to your clients monthly.

The reports will commonly feature important metrics such as:

  • Form submissions (lead generation)
  • Phone calls generated
  • Clicks on ads
  • Impressions on ads
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Cost per click (CPC)

How white-label Facebook advertising can help your company grow faster 

Commonly, it’s marketing agencies and design studios that outsource their Facebook Ads creation tasks to a white-label PPC agency.

Usually, our marketing agency clients are already providing services for their clients (web design, email marketing, graphic design) when their client asks them “do you create Facebook Ads?”

Not wanting to disappoint their clients, the marketing agency may say “yes” without having the employees on staff perform this work.

Luckily, outsourcing Facebook PPC ads is more affordable than hiring a new employee “in-house” to handle specific tasks, such as creating Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, and setting up landing pages for advertising campaigns.

For the cost of hiring just one employee, a marketing agency could hire an entire white-label PPC agency to act as their PPC specialists, producing the Facebook Ads on behalf of their company, while providing their clients with exceptional PPC services.

Let’s look through the benefits of outsourcing to a white-label agency.

Experts in PPC ad creation

PPC agencies are more specialized than most marketing and design studios, employing account managers with years of experience working in various industries.

There is no learning curve when you hire a PPC agency—they’ll hit the ground running to create a new Facebook Ads campaign for your clients.

Reliable, proven results

At Denver PPC, we combine data and marketing expertise to deliver guaranteed PPC results.

Ability to scale 

If you find that your existing clients are happy with their work, and you’re beginning to take on more Facebook Ads creation tasks, you can always outsource more work to the PPC agency.

Because the PPC agency handles several accounts at once, their systems are very efficient and can scale up the work considerably very easily. 


Most white-label PPC agencies will produce affordable work that the client will then markup by 100% or more, earning a profit off this outsourced work.

Client retention and high-quality work

When you work with a trusted PPC company, you will deliver real results to your clients such as conversions, lead generation, email signups, phone calls, etc. 

These results will deepen your relationship with your existing clients and retain them longer because of the exceptional results being delivered. 

White-label Facebook agency FAQs

Let’s go over some of the most common questions you may have regarding outsourcing Facebook Ads creation to a white-label PPC agency.

Would the white-label agency ever directly contact my clients?

Never. A trusted white-label PPC agency would never overstep any boundaries between its clients and their clients. 

However, if you need help explaining the reports or would like an account manager to sit in on a client meeting, let us know, and we’d be happy to accommodate you. 

Is white-label marketing ethical? 

Yes, white labeling is a common and ethical practice in every business field out there. It’s rare for any companies these days to produce all the work themselves.

Outsourcing just one specific part of the digital marketing process (Facebook Ads creation) can make sense for digital marketing agencies that are understaffed or don’t have the capabilities to perform these extra services for their clients.

Can you set up Google Ads too?

Yes, many times companies that specialize in Facebook Ads creation are also equipped and trained to handle Google Ads creation as well. 

Will I have to sign a long contract?

Typically, contracts are not used in white-label agreements, which means you can end your services whenever you’d need to. 

Is Facebook Ads white labeling affordable? 

Because most of our clients mark up their Facebook Ads services by 100%, it can be profitable to outsource this work to another agency.

At Denver PPC, we charge $395 or 10% of the ad spend, whichever is greater, which then many clients will markup for wholesale pricing around 75%-100%

Hire Denver PPC—a white-label Facebook ads agency

Denver PPC is a pay-per-click marketing consulting and PPC agency that delivers guaranteed results for our clients.

Our team is comprised of account managers with years of experience setting up paid media ads across various industries.

Our clients choose us for our affordable PPC management pricing, including Facebook Ads creation, Google Ads creation, and more.

Do you work for a marketing agency or design studio and need help creating Facebook Ads for your clients? We want to work with you! 

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