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Posted on December 12, 2022

How a PPC White Label Agency Works

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How a PPC White Label Agency Works Feature Image
How a PPC White Label Agency Works
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on December 12, 2022

Perhaps you’ve been in a similar situation—your client asks your marketing agency if you can set up PPC ads, but you don’t have a PPC account manager on staff. What do you do?

Would you tell your client “yes” without having a properly trained PPC employee and risk hurting the client relationship, or tell them “no” and risk losing their business?

Outsourcing your PPC needs to a white-label agency is the perfect solution for this problem. You get to perform more services for your clients and your agency can list extra PPC services on your website, which could potentially attract more clients.

In this article, we’ll give a brief overview of what a white-label PPC service offers, the benefits of outsourcing PPC work, and how you can get started offering your clients more services today that will benefit your business.

What is a white-label PPC service?

A “white label” PPC service is a company that specializes in performing PPC management on the behalf of other companies, usually other marketing agencies, ad agencies, and web design companies.

For example, if you work for a small marketing agency that wants to offer PPC services to your clients but you don’t have a dedicated PPC employee, you can hire a white-label PPC agency to set up PPC ads for you, while your company takes all of the credit.

When you work with a white-label agency, your clients won’t necessarily know that another company is performing the PPC work for you. 

The agency can use your company’s logo and styling on all of your reports, appearing as though another one of your employees is performing the work.

White-label PPC services are more common than you’d think. Many small-to-medium-sized marketing companies depend on these agencies to outsource one of the more complex tasks in online advertising — setting up Google Ads and Facebook Ads PPC campaigns. 

Why should I outsource my PPC needs to a company?

Let’s say you run a small marketing agency that builds websites for clients or handles social media.

Many of these types of clients will eventually want to include PPC advertising in their marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their websites, usually for a lead-generation strategy or to generate more phone calls to their business.

However, if your current staff is limited or unfamiliar with PPC marketing, it can be very difficult to sell these services to your existing clients. What do you do in this situation?

Instead of hiring a new employee and training them, you can outsource the entirety of the PPC work to a white-label PPC agency that will perform this work immediately on your company’s behalf.

A white-label PPC agency can get started right away

For the beginning marketer, PPC advertising has a steep learning curve, often requiring months of training before they can adequately set up successful ad campaigns, especially in Google Ads, which has a complex and robust platform.

It can also be very easy for a beginner to mess up a PPC campaign, resulting in wasted dollars for your client—not good.

Common beginner mistakes can occur that could potentially jeopardize your relationship with existing clients. 

Mistakes such as confusing the daily budget versus the lifetime budget and spending too much, not being focused on using the correct keywords, or not adding enough negative keywords to your campaign.

However, when you outsource PPC work to a white-label agency, there is no learning curve. Your outsourced team can begin work for your clients immediately, which will help your business’s reputation and grow your agency.

Think of it this way: For the price of hiring a new employee, you can instead hire an entire agency of PPC experts immediately, with no waiting periods or learning curves. 

The benefits of outsourcing PPC work to a white-label PPC agency

These days, many marketing agencies use a combination of in-house employees, external contractors, and white-label agencies to work together to perform specific tasks for their clients, including PPC services.

This allows marketing companies to add more services to their website, which can potentially draw in more customers.

However, the biggest benefit of hiring a white-label PPC is that you don’t have to manage the PPC work yourself! 

Let’s go over some of the main benefits of outsourcing our PPC work to an outside agency.

Ability to scale PPC services

If you only had one employee on staff who handled PPC campaigns, it would be difficult to take on more clients or scale up your PPC capabilities. 

However, when you hire an agency, you’re hiring an entire team of people with a potentially limitless ability to scale up the PPC work.

Have success with your current clients and are taking on more PPC work? Not a problem, just send more PPC tasks to the white label agency and they’ll be able to complete them for you efficiently. 

Client retention through providing quality PPC management

When you provide your client with outstanding PPC work (through a white label agency) they’ll continue working with you because you’re successfully satisfying their PPC campaign goals. 

The results will speak for themselves—increased web traffic, more phone calls, more leads generated, better landing page conversion rates, etc.

Because your current clients will be satisfied with the work, your company’s reputation will improve, which can attract more clients to your marketing agency.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency in setting up PPC campaigns 

Don’t waste another dollar of ad spend on your clients’ money by “winging it” yourself if you’re unqualified or untrained. This will only hurt your business relationship with clients.

Instead, hire a white-label PPC management company that will optimize your clients’ campaign budgets for maximum effectiveness. 

They’ll employ methods such as utilizing negative keywords, geographical targeting, and other targeting options that will only show ads to the most relevant web users.

Also, when you hire a white-label agency, you’ll receive a detailed cost estimate for each account, so you’ll know exactly how much to charge your clients for the outsource PPC work.

How do I pick the best white-label PPC agency?

You may be asking yourselves “What’s stopping the outsourced agency from working directly with my clients, cutting me out of business?”

The main answer is ethics and the terms & conditions agreement. Always make sure to work with a reputable white-label PPC agency that will respect your client relationships and stay out of your business!

Besides that, you’ll want to pick an agency that’s been accredited in some way, such as receiving a Google Partner status or receiving a high online rating.

If available, search through the agency’s website to find case studies of past clients.

Also, find out how reporting and monitoring work with your outsourced agency, so you’ll know how often to give PPC reports to your existing clients (with your company’s logo included).

Lastly, look at the white label agency’s contracts and pricing to see if it falls within your price range and if it will be a good fit for your company’s needs.

Outsource your ads with Denver PPC—a white-label PPC agency

Denver PPC is a pay-per-click management and white-label PPC company that consistently yields guaranteed PPC results for our clients. 

We are one of the few PPC companies in Colorado that are accredited through the Google Partner program. To achieve this status, a company must spend a minimum of $100,000 in ad spend during the last 90 days, and employ Google Ads Qualified Individuals.

Our team of PPC professionals has experience across many paid platforms and industries so we can begin work on your clients’ PPC needs right away.

Have an existing Google Ads account that needs help? Request your free 10-point PPC analysis and we’ll take a look inside your PPC account and give you our expert opinion on how to optimize your campaign for greater success!

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