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Posted on March 8, 2021

How to Use Google Ads Management to Grow Your Law Firm

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
How to Use Google Ads Management to Grow Your Law Firm Feature Image
How to Use Google Ads Management to Grow Your Law Firm
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on March 8, 2021

Law firms of the past used to rely solely on TV commercials, billboards, yellow pages, and referrals to bring in new business. Today, the primary method for bringing in new clients is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Google Ads and other PPC advertising platforms are some of the easiest ways to grow your practice areas and overall firm. 

Today’s law firms may spend the lion’s share of their marketing budget on Google Ads, yet many of their ad campaigns are ineffective and costly. Sure, the campaigns get clicks, but they aren’t converting as they should.

Instead of having your junior partner or receptionist run your Google Ad campaigns, enlist our PPC experts who have the knowledge and experience to generate and convert new clients for your law firm.

The Value of Conducting Clever Keyword Research to Beat the Competitive Marketplace

To find the right marketing approach and keywords to drive new clients to your business, we must first understand how your competitors are bringing in new business.

Through clever research, we can monitor the specific keywords being used by your geographical area to determine which keywords your competitors are using. Keyword research also tells us what specific search terms your target audience is actively searching for.

Learning more about your competitors’ keywords can give us valuable insights into their marketing approach and content strategy.

Once we have this information, we can formulate our own strategy to make your law firm stand out on the search engine results page (SERP).

Have the Most Accurate and Cost-Efficient Geographic and Demographic Targeting

Through Google Ads Manager we can show your ads to specific geographic locations, ensuring all your money spent is being used to advertise to people who are local, and more likely to hire you. 

For example, it wouldn’t make sense for a Colorado-based law firm to show their ad throughout the entire United States. And yet, these kinds of accidents are fairly common with inexperienced marketers, which can result in significant monetary loss.

Instead, we can tailor campaigns so that they are visible to specific cities, zip codes, and surrounding areas. Google Ad Manager even displays each city’s population and demographics to help us understand your ad’s reach. For example, if your target demographic is local married women aged 55-65, it’s possible to show your ads only to them. 

For law firms with multiple locations throughout the state or country, it’s also possible to set up different campaigns that each show to different markets. This is a great way to further your ad reach in a deliberate, targeted way that can be tested and refined to determine the perfect geographic and demographic targeting.

Keep the Intent of the Searcher in Mind

Understanding the reasons behind your prospective clients’ Google searches is called “search intent” and it’s the reason why Google exists — to show meaningful content to user’s questions.

Our job as PPC professionals is to learn why your target audience is searching for law firms and to gauge how ready they are to commit to hiring a lawyer. Generally, the more specific the question they ask, the more likely they are to click on your ad if you’re able to answer their specific question.

For example, showing your ad to somebody searching “lawyer near me” might not be the best approach, since this keyword is expensive, and doesn’t give us much information to infer why they’re searching. Are they searching for a medical malpractice lawyer or divorce lawyer? There’s not enough information in their search to tell us. 

However, if somebody is searching for “how to sue for wrongful termination” we know exactly what kind of lawyer they’re searching for, and can assume they will need a lawyer sooner than later.

Maintain Accurate Conversion Tracking 

Without accurate conversion tracking, you’ll never know which keywords or ads were effective in landing new clients. 

Google Ad campaigns are like science experiments, using a mix of research, data, and intuition to help create the ultimate campaigns that convert online leads to paying clients. But without tracking, how would you know what keywords worked and which didn’t? 

Maintaining accurate conversion tracking allows you to identify which keywords are performing well, so you can spend more money on them while identifying underperforming keywords that should be removed.

Analyze Monthly Results to Learn and Optimize as You Go 

No ad campaign is static. The “set it and forget it” model doesn’t work for online marketing, which is a fast-paced, competitive environment.

Denver PPC is constantly analyzing our clients’ Google Ad campaigns to identify elements that performed well so we can scale up the spending on those keywords while eliminating keywords and ads that performed poorly or misspent money.

We are constantly updating Google Ad campaigns and utilizing A/B testing to continually improve conversion rates. With each day, week, and month, we gain more valuable data to help refine your campaign’s reach and effectiveness.

Learn more about our attorney advertising case study, and how we were able to cut an attorney’s conversion rate cost by 50%.

Let a Team of Experts Handle Your Law Firm’s Google Ads Management

Keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms and guidelines is a full-time job, and your team is likely too busy to run their own campaign. 

The majority of a law firm’s marketing budget should be spent on Google Ad campaigns, which has become the leading method for bringing new clients to law firms.

You don’t want to entrust this critical task to an inexperienced intern or junior partner. They likely won’t have enough time or expertise to properly do the job, which is too significant to be mishandled. 

Luckily, Denver PPC is a certified Google Partner that employs Google Ads Qualified Individuals, who have all passed the Google Ads Examinations proving they can implement the recommend best practices for your accounts. 

Learn More About Managing Google Ads for Attorneys

If you’re curious to learn more about how Google Ads can help grow your law firm, please read our guide Google Tips for Attorneys or Local Ads for Attorneys.

To request a PPC Quote for your own Attorney Google Ads account, call Troy at (303) 975-2810. Ask him about our PPC Performance Guarantee for Attorneys.

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