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Posted on December 12, 2022

Are PPC White Label Services Right for You?

Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Are PPC White Label Services Right for You? Feature Image
Are PPC White Label Services Right for You?
Denver PPC
Denver PPC
PPC Specialists
Posted on December 12, 2022

Many smaller-sized marketing companies specialize in one or two fields of digital marketing, whether it’s website design, social media management, or email marketing—but usually not pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

At a certain point, however, their clients will ask them “Can you set up Google Ads or Facebook Ads for our company too?”

This is where PPC white-labeling comes in.

By outsourcing your PPC work to a white-label PPC agency, you can provide your existing clients with guaranteed PPC results, without actually doing the work yourself.

Instead of doing the work yourself (or hiring a new employee), the white-label agency will set up, maintain, and monitor your clients’ PPC campaigns on your behalf, while creating monthly performance reports fully branded with your company’s logo and name.

This way, you can offer your clients more services, while turning your specialized marketing firm into a “full service” marketing department that will grow your agency.

In this article, we’ll break down what white-label PPC management is, the benefits of outsourcing PPC work, and how to hire the best white-label PPC company to guarantee your clients’ success.

What is white-label PPC?

A white-label PPC agency is a company that specializes in setting up and maintaining PPC campaigns on behalf of other marketing agencies while giving them credit for performing the work.

For example, many small marketing agencies and web design studios lack employees who are certified in PPC management. Yet, they still want to offer these services to attract and retain more clients. 

This poses a big problem when the marketing agency’s clients begin asking for PPC campaigns for their online campaigns.

Why do agencies outsource their PPC work?

Without a PPC employee on staff, marketing agencies are faced with choices:

  • Hire and train a new employee for several months
  • Decline the work and miss out on the extra revenue
  • Attempt to set up the PPC campaign themselves without the proper experience

Instead, marketing agencies can outsource their PPC work to a white-label agency that can do all of the work for them and put their company logo on reports that will be sent to their clients. 

This is “white labeling” – putting their clients’ names and logos on monthly campaign PPC reports to make it appear as though that company is actually doing the work.

What’s the difference between a white-label PPC and PPC management?

A white-label PPC company’s clients will be other marketing agencies, whereas a PPC management company’s clients are regular businesses, such as attorneys’ offices and home services companies, essentially the same type of clients that marketing agencies need to create PPC ads for.

Most of the time, a PPC management company will also perform white-label services for other ad agencies, marketing companies, and web design studios that don’t have the staff required to take on the extra work.

How can I trust that a white-label agency won’t steal my clients?

This is a good question, you may be asking yourself “If a white-label PPC company also works with normal businesses, what’s stopping them from stealing my clients and creating paid ads for them directly?”

The answer is trust, ethics, and a terms & conditions agreement that is signed before taking on the work!

Nothing can hurt a white-label PPC company’s reputation more than stealing clients away from their existing clients. 

It’s a poor business practice that only unscrupulous companies will engage in, however, you’ll need to do your research when trying to find the best white-label PPC company.

How to find a trustworthy PPC white-label service for your agency

There’s no shortage of PPC management companies online that will be glad to perform white-label PPC services for your marketing company.

The problem is that many of these companies aren’t accredited in any way and lack the experience or expertise to set up truly successful campaigns. 

When you hire an untrustworthy company to take on your outsourced PPC work, you’re putting your company’s reputation in the hands of other people. If that work is unsatisfactory, your clients will assume it’s your company’s fault, which will hurt your client relationships.

Tips for finding the best PPC white-label companies

The best PPC agencies will have professional certifications and qualifications, such as being a certified Google Partner or Premier Partner company. 

Likewise, a reputable white-label PPC company will be transparent about the entire process, giving you detailed accounts of what to expect when working with that company, including:

  • Case studies of past clients’ success stories
  • White-label reporting and sample monitoring
  • Customized monthly recommendations and account analysis
  • Landing pages and call tracking
  • Wholesale pricing
  • No contracts
  • Onboarding and kickoff
  • Connecting your ad accounts
  • Billing

What are the benefits of outsourcing PPC to a white-label agency?

The main benefit of outsourcing your PPC work is delivering guaranteed PPC results for your clients, which helps retain clients and attract more clients for future work, allowing your company to truly grow.

Instead of taking on the work yourself, or hiring a new employee, both of which can take considerable time and money, it’s better to outsource the work to a white-label PPC agency. 

For the price of hiring a new staff member, you can hire an entire team of industry-leading PPC professionals who will make your company look good to your clients. 

Scaling up the PPC work is also easier when you outsource the work. Over time, as your clients’ satisfaction grows, you’ll attract more clients who will also want your PPC services and you’ll easily be able to accommodate the growing business. 

At Denver PPC, our white-label management can help your marketing agency take on more work so you can focus on business development and drive more profit.

We promise to work only with your company and will never interface with your existing clients. We focus on working on the backend of PPC while your marketing company communicates and handles your clients.

How is success measured?

Each month, your clients will receive an Account Performance Report that’s been re-branded with your agency’s logo.

The report can be customized depending on your clients’ KPIs and campaign metrics, such as:

In addition to the branded reports, you’ll also receive a monthly summary and optimization email written by us that you can forward to your client when presenting or sending over the performance report.. 

Hire Denver PPC—your white-label PPC agency 

Denver PPC is a certified Google Partner company specializing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

Our team of account experts combines a decade of experience across various industries to create winning Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns for your existing clients.

Read through our case studies to learn how Denver PPC helped our clients get more phone calls, boost web traffic, and convert web visitors into paying customers.

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We’ll step inside your advertising platform and give you our expert advice on how to optimize your paid ads account.

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